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Author: Carl Worth <cworth at cworth.org>
Date:   Fri Mar 2 13:18:11 2007 -0800

    Add notes for 1.3.16
    Now, maybe we won't actually make a 1.3.16 snapshot, but these are all
    the things that will be new in 1.4.0 compared to 1.3.14.

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+Snapshot 1.3.16 (2007-03-02 Carl Worth <cworth at cworth.org>)
+New API functions
+A few new public functions have been added to the cairo API since the
+1.3.14 snapshot. These include a function to query the current scaled
+	cairo_get_scaled_font
+New functions to query the reference count of all cairo objects:
+	cairo_get_reference_count
+	cairo_surface_get_reference_count
+	cairo_pattern_get_reference_count
+	cairo_font_face_get_reference_count
+	cairo_scaled_font_get_reference_count
+And new functions to allow the use of user_data with any cairo object,
+(previously this was only available on cairo_surface_t objects):
+	cairo_set_user_data
+	cairo_get_user_data
+	cairo_pattern_set_user_data
+	cairo_pattern_get_user_data
+	cairo_scaled_font_set_user_data
+	cairo_scaled_font_get_user_data
+	cairo_font_face_set_user_data
+	cairo_font_face_get_user_data
+Usability improvement for PDF/PS/SVG generation
+In previous versions of cairo, generating single-page output with the
+cairo-pdf, cairo-ps, or cairo-svg backends required a final call to
+cairo_show_page. This was often quite confusing as people would port
+functional code from a non-paginated backend and be totally mystified
+as to why the output was blank until they learned to add this call.
+Now that call to cairo_show_page is optional, (it will be generated
+implicitly if the user does not call it). So cairo_show_page is only
+needed to explicitly separate multiple pages.p
+Greatly improved PDF output
+We are very happy to be able to announce that cairo-generated PDF
+output will now have text that can be selected, cut-and-paste, and
+searched with most capable PDF viewer applications. This is something
+that was not ever possible with cairo 1.2.
+Also, the PDF output now has much more compact encoding of text than
+before. Cairo is now much more careful to not embed multiple copies of
+the same font at different sizes. It also compresses text and font
+streams within the PDF output.
+Major bug fixes
+  • Fixed radial gradients
+    The rendering of radial gradients has been greatly improved. In
+    the cairo 1.2 series, there was a serious regression affecting
+    radial gradients---results would be very incorrect unless one of
+    the gradient circles had a radius of 0.0 and a center point within
+    the other circle. These bugs have now been fixed.
+  • Fixed dashing
+    Several fixes have been made to the implementation of dashed
+    stroking. Previously, some dashed, stroked rectangles would
+    mis-render and fill half of the rectangle with a large triangular
+    shape. This bug has now been fixed.
+  • Fixed transformed images in PDF/PS output
+    In previous versions of cairo, painting with an image-based source
+    surface pattern to the PDF or PS backends would cause many kinds
+    of incorrect results. One of the most common problems was that an
+    image would be repeated many times even when the user had
+    explicitly requested no repetition with CAIRO_EXTEND_NONE. These
+    bugs have now been fixed.
+  • Eliminate errors from CAIRO_EXTEND_REFLECT and CAIRO_EXTEND_PAD
+    In the 1.2 version of cairo any use of CAIRO_EXTEND_REFLECT or
+    CAIRO_EXTEND_PAD with a surface-based pattern resulted in an
+    error, (cairo would stop rendering). This bug has now been
+    fixed.
+    Now, CAIRO_EXTEND_REFLECT should work properly with surface
+    patterns.
+    CAIRO_EXTEND_PAD is still not working correctly, but it will now
+    simply behave as CAIRO_EXTEND_NONE rather than triggering the
+    error.
+New rewrite of quartz backend (still experimental)
+Cairo's quartz backend has been entirely rewritten and is now much
+more efficient. This backend is still marked as experimental, not
+supported, but it is now much closer to becoming an officially
+supported backend. (For people that used the experimental nquartz
+backend in previous snapshots, that implementation has now been
+renamed from "nquartz" to "quartz" and has replaced the old quartz
+Other bug fixes
+  • cairo-svg: Fix bug that was preventing text from appearing in many
+    viewers
+  • cairo-ft: Return correct metrics when hinting is off
+  • Cairo 1.3.14 deadlocks in cairo_scaled_font_glyph_extents or
+    _cairo_ft_unscaled_font_lock_face
+    https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10035
+  • cairo crashes in cairo_create_simular if nil surface returned by
+    other->backend->create_similar
+    https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=9844
+  • evolution crash to _cairo_gstate_backend_to_user()
+    https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=9906
+  • Fix memory leak in rectilinear stroking code
+Things not in this release
+  • Solid surface pattern cache: This patch had been applied during
+    the 1.3.x series, but it was reverted due to some inter-thread
+    problems it caused. The patch is interesting since it made a big
+    benefit for text rendering performance---so we'll work to bring a
+    corrected version of this patch back as soon as possible.
 Snapshot 1.3.14 (2006-02-13 Carl Worth <cworth at cworth.org>)
 This is the seventh development snapshot in the 1.3 series, (and there

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