[cairo-commit] rcairo/src/lib/cairo context.rb,NONE,1.1

Kouhei Sutou commit at pdx.freedesktop.org
Tue Mar 6 04:17:41 PST 2007

Committed by: kou

Update of /cvs/cairo/rcairo/src/lib/cairo
In directory kemper:/tmp/cvs-serv14983/src/lib/cairo

Added Files:
Log Message:
* setup.rb: removed dependency on setup.rb. used Ruby-GNOME2 style.
* extconf.rb: moved from packages/cairo/ext/.

* packages/cairo/ext: move to ...
* src/: ... here.

* packages/cairo/lib: move to ...
* src/lib: ... here.

* README, samples/: followed the changes.

--- NEW FILE: context.rb ---
require 'cairo/context/quad'
require 'cairo/context/rectangle'
require 'cairo/context/circle'
require 'cairo/context/path'

module Cairo
  class Context
    include Quad
    include Rectangle
    include Circle
    include Path

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