[cairo-commit] Changes to 'refs/tags/1.4.2'

Carl Worth cworth at kemper.freedesktop.org
Mon Mar 19 23:58:44 PDT 2007

Tag '1.4.2' created by Carl Worth <cworth at cworth.org> at 2007-03-20 07:56 -0700

cairo 1.4.2 release
Version: GnuPG v1.4.5 (GNU/Linux)


Changes since 1.4.0:
Adrian Johnson:
      PDF: Set page group color space to DeviceRGB
      Fix buffer overflow warning
      Fix incorrect file permission in previous commit

Behdad Esfahbod:
      Remove extra word in docs
      [configure.in] Remove AM_MAINTAINER_MODE
      [cosmetic] Remove static var from testing code in bentley-ottman.
      [Type1] Add cairo-type1-private.h that Type1 fallback and subset code share
      [cairoint] Move endian-conversion routines into cairoint.h
      [PS/PDF/SVG] Rename internal symbols to have _cairo_*_surface prefix
      [glitz] Mark some constant static structures as const
      [directfb,os2] #error if the backend is not compiled in, like others do
      [boilerplate] Prefer top_builddir to top_srcdir
      [cairo-path-fixed] Avoid malloc for small paths
      [cairo-path-fixed] Merge op and arg bufs
      [cairo-path-fixed] Fine-tune size of buffer
      [cairo_t] Move gstate pointer before cairo_path_fixed_t for better cache behavior
      [Quartz] Don't include cairo-private.h
      [cairo_t] Make path an array of size one
      [cairo-clip] Make _cairo_clip_init tolerate NULL target
      [cairo_t] Embed a gstate into cairo_t
      [skiplist] Move static variable out of function
      [test-surfaces] Prefix public symbols with _cairo
      [skiplist] Prefix symbols with _cairo
      [test] Make pdiff if necessary
      [cairo-traps] Use INT32_MIN/MAX instead of INT16_MIN/MAX << 16
      [cairo-traps] Clean-up realloc algorithm for clarity
      [cairo-traps] Add a cache of one trapezoid to cairo_traps_t
      [cairo_traps_t] Reorder struct members for clarity
      [cairo-spline] Clean-up realloc algorithm for clarity
      [cairo-spline] Add a cache of eight points to cairo_spline_t
      [cairo-slope] Make comparison stable if both vectors are zero
      [cairo-polygon] Clean-up realloc algorithm for clarity
      [cairo_polygon_t] Reorder struct members for clarity
      [cairo_polygon_t] Remove unused member 'closed'
      [cairo_polygon_t] Change has_current_point from int to cairo_bool_t
      [cairo-spline] Fix typo in comment
      [cairo-polygon] Add a cache of eight edges to cairo_polygon_t
      [polygon,spline,traps] Avoid free(NULL)
      [cairo-pattern] Add XXX note
      [cairo-pattern] Fix color conversion from short to double
      [cairo-color] Add cairo-private _cairo_color_double_to_short()
      [cairo-pattern] Use _cairo_color_double_to_short() to fix color conversion
      [test] In pattern-getters test, log what went wrong
      [test] If backends are limited and all untested, pass the test
      [Makefile.am] Do not distribute cairo-features.h, Ouch!
      [cairo-pattern] Grow color-stops array exponentially
      [cairo-pattern] Add a cache of two color stops to cairo_gradient_pattern_t
      [win32] Fix font descent computation
      [win32] Really return unhinted font metrics if metrics hinting is off
      [boilerplate] Don't build in make all

Brian Ewins:
      [quartz] rename remaining nquartz symbols to quartz.
      [atsui] clean up warnings
      [atsui] remove the unused old_show_glyphs function.
      [atsui] refactor CreateSizedCopyOfStyle
      [atsui] store sizes in the atsui font
      [atsui] make text_to_glyphs return positions in user units. (#9568)
      [quartz] apply ctm to text (#9568)

Carl Worth:
      Increment version to 1.4.1 after making the 1.4.0 release
      Fix a LOCK vs. UNLOCK typo, (yes, I'm that stupid).
      perf/README: Add notes on using cairo-perf-diff
      Remove radial-gradient test from XFAIL list
      Add new skew-extreme test case.
      Fix bugs in _cairo_traps_tessellate_convex_quad
      Remove dead-code remnants of old tessellator
      check-def.sh: Adjust test to exempt _cairo_test_* functions as well as _cairo_*_test_*
      Add svg-specific reference image for radial-gradient test.
      Fix _cairo_traps_tessellate_convex_quad to handle a == b
      Implement _cairo_traps_tessellate_triangle with _cairo_traps_tessellate_convex_quad
      Add line-width-zero test which currently crashes.
      Fix cairo_stroke_extents and cairo_in_stroke to not crash with line width of 0.0
      Allow NULL pointers for functions that accept pointers for multiple return values.
      Make compilation of cairo-deflate-stream.c conditional on compilation of PDF backend.
      Avoid pulling in -lz for the ps backend.
      XCB: Fix parameter-order confusion with xcb_create_pixmap
      xlib: Prefer surface->format over surface->visual for identifying masks
      Propagate a nil surface out of _cairo_surface_create_similar_scratch
      Temporarily remove extend-reflect from the list of tests.
      NEWS: Add notes for cairo 1.4.2
      Increment cairo version to 1.4.2 (and libtool versioning to 13:1:11)
      Add skew-extreme-ref.png to the tar file for the release.
      boilerplate: Add EXTRA_LTLIBRARIES to CLEANFILES to allow make distcleancheck to pass.

Chris Wilson:
      Add valgrind/callgrind targets to Makefile.
      Fix up the trivial leaks found by valgrind.
      Avoid the struct copy when source and destination are the same.
      Correct an off-by-one in the reflection of the convolution index.
      Introduce hooks for _cairo_xlib_close_display()
      Privately export a function to reset the scaled font's glyph caches.
      Clear the XRender data on display closure.

Emmanuel Pacaud:
      SVG: Fix CAIRO_EXTEND_REFLECT for radial gradients.
      SVG: fix a radial gradient failure when using CAIRO_EXTEND_REFLECT.

Gilles Dauphin:
      Don't use unsupported visibily attribute hidden on Solaris

Mathias Hasselmann:
      Improve CPU utilization when building cairo-perf
      Transform the output of cairo-perf-diff into HTML
      Add index.html to .gitignore
      Include pixman/src in cairo-perf hash
      [cairo-perf-diff] Update usage screen to mention --html.
      [cairo-perf] Emit warning, if cairo-perf is not CPU bound

Thomas Klausner:
      Use "find !" rather than "find -not" for better portability

 NEWS                             |  130 ++++++++
 RELEASING                        |    2 
 boilerplate/Makefile.am          |    8 
 boilerplate/cairo-boilerplate.c  |    6 
 configure.in                     |   23 -
 doc/public/Headers.mk            |    1 
 doc/public/Makefile.am           |    1 
 perf/.gitignore                  |    1 
 perf/Makefile.am                 |   26 +
 perf/README                      |  111 ++++++
 perf/cairo-perf-diff             |  107 ++++--
 perf/cairo-perf.c                |   56 +++
 perf/make-html.py                |   89 +++++
 pixman/src/pixman.h              |    2 
 src/Makefile.am                  |   12 
 src/cairo-atsui-font.c           |  233 +++-----------
 src/cairo-bentley-ottmann.c      |   26 -
 src/cairo-cff-subset.c           |   28 -
 src/cairo-clip.c                 |    5 
 src/cairo-color.c                |   11 
 src/cairo-directfb.h             |    3 
 src/cairo-ft-font.c              |    2 
 src/cairo-glitz-surface.c        |    8 
 src/cairo-gstate.c               |   96 ++----
 src/cairo-os2.h                  |    2 
 src/cairo-path-fill.c            |   51 +--
 src/cairo-path-fixed-private.h   |   28 -
 src/cairo-path-fixed.c           |  303 ++++++------------
 src/cairo-pattern.c              |   91 ++++-
 src/cairo-pdf-surface.c          |   83 ++---
 src/cairo-polygon.c              |   48 +--
 src/cairo-private.h              |    5 
 src/cairo-ps-surface.c           |   52 +--
 src/cairo-quartz-private.h       |    6 
 src/cairo-quartz-surface.c       |  248 +++++++--------
 src/cairo-scaled-font.c          |    9 
 src/cairo-skiplist-private.h     |   22 -
 src/cairo-skiplist.c             |   35 +-
 src/cairo-slope.c                |    8 
 src/cairo-spline.c               |   39 +-
 src/cairo-surface.c              |   14 
 src/cairo-svg-surface.c          |  465 +++++++++++++++++++++--------
 src/cairo-traps.c                |  623 ++++++---------------------------------
 src/cairo-truetype-subset.c      |   39 --
 src/cairo-type1-fallback.c       |   14 
 src/cairo-type1-private.h        |   45 ++
 src/cairo-type1-subset.c         |   18 -
 src/cairo-win32-font.c           |    4 
 src/cairo-xcb-surface.c          |    7 
 src/cairo-xlib-private.h         |   15 
 src/cairo-xlib-screen.c          |  153 +++++++--
 src/cairo-xlib-surface.c         |   52 ++-
 src/cairo.c                      |   89 ++---
 src/cairo.h                      |    2 
 src/cairoint.h                   |   77 +++-
 src/check-def.sh                 |    2 
 src/check-headers.sh             |    2 
 src/test-fallback-surface.c      |    8 
 src/test-fallback-surface.h      |    2 
 src/test-meta-surface.c          |    2 
 src/test-meta-surface.h          |    2 
 src/test-paginated-surface.c     |    2 
 src/test-paginated-surface.h     |    2 
 test/.gitignore                  |    2 
 test/Makefile.am                 |    8 
 test/cairo-test.c                |   44 +-
 test/line-width-zero.c           |   79 ++++
 test/pattern-getters.c           |   14 
 test/pdiff/lpyramid.c            |    4 
 test/radial-gradient-svg-ref.png |binary
 test/radial-gradient.c           |    3 
 test/skew-extreme-ref.png        |binary
 test/skew-extreme.c              |  126 +++++++
 73 files changed, 2214 insertions(+), 1722 deletions(-)

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