[cairo-commit] goocanvas/docs goocanvas-sections.txt,1.30,1.31

Damon Chaplin commit at pdx.freedesktop.org
Fri May 11 09:30:59 PDT 2007

Committed by: damon

Update of /cvs/cairo/goocanvas/docs
In directory kemper:/tmp/cvs-serv11649/docs

Modified Files:
Log Message:
2007-05-11  Damon Chaplin  <damon at gnome.org>

	* demo/demo-large-rect.c: 
	* demo/demo-large-line.c: 
	* demo/demo-large-items.c: new demo and items to show how to create a
	very large canvas and very large items.

	* src/goocanvasitemsimple.c (goo_canvas_item_simple_get_line_width): 
	added utility function to get an item's line width.
	Also changed default line width property value to 2.0, and returned
	canvas line width setting if item's line width isn't set.

	* src/goocanvasrect.c (goo_canvas_rect_update): 
	* src/goocanvaspolyline.c (goo_canvas_polyline_reconfigure_arrows): use
	the above function to get the line width.

Index: goocanvas-sections.txt
RCS file: /cvs/cairo/goocanvas/docs/goocanvas-sections.txt,v
retrieving revision 1.30
retrieving revision 1.31
diff -u -d -r1.30 -r1.31
--- goocanvas-sections.txt	27 Apr 2007 10:01:51 -0000	1.30
+++ goocanvas-sections.txt	11 May 2007 16:30:48 -0000	1.31
@@ -494,6 +494,7 @@

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