[cairo-commit] Changes to 'refs/tags/1.5.2'

Carl Worth cworth at kemper.freedesktop.org
Tue Oct 30 22:50:07 PDT 2007

Tag '1.5.2' created by Carl Worth <cworth at cworth.org> at 2007-10-31 06:41 -0700

cairo 1.5.2 release
Version: GnuPG v1.4.6 (GNU/Linux)


Changes since 1.4.10:
Adrian Johnson (61):
      CFF Subsetting: fix integer encoding bug
      PDF: Fix gradients regression
      PDF: Fix regression in pdf_surface_set_size()
      PS: Add finer-grained image fallback support
      PS: Remove debug info from PS output
      Add finer-grained fallback support to the PDF surface
      Fix PDF regression with multipage documents
      PDF: Clean up comments
      PDF: Remove unused code
      Fix PDF gradients bug
      Fix unbounded operator bug in analysis surface
      Add support for PDF meta-surface patterns
      Eliminate unclipped CLEAR from meta-surface playback
      Create meta-surface source image with same content type as the
      Add PDF support for cairo_mask()
      PDF: Remove BC entry from Smask dictionary
      PS: Remove copy_page()
      PDF: Fix copy_page() bug
      PS: Remove initclip operator
      Change paginated surface size when PS/PDF _set_size() called
      Analysis-surface: Use pattern extents to limit show_glyphs extents
      ROADMAP: Add metadata API
      PDF: Add support for CAIRO_FORMAT_A8 images
      Add mask-alpha test
      Truetype Subsetting: Avoid failing when fonts are missing optional tables
      Add Encapsulated PostScript API
      Add Encapsulated PostScript support
      PDF: Remove duplication from the resource dictionary
      PDF: Compress the content stream
      PDF: Fix bug in font resources when same font is in multiple groups
      PDF: Compress pattern and group streams
      CFF Subetting: Fix for #10849
      PDF: Fix bug in font resources
      ROADMAP: Mark EPS support done
      TODO: Remove PDF encoding issues
      Type1 subset: Add check for CFF fonts
      PS: Add meta surface pattern support
      Add PS reference images for tests using create_similar
      Add cairo_ps_surface_restrict_to_level() API
      Fix bug in _gradient_is_opaque()
      PS: Add linear and radial gradient support
      Add PS reference images for tests using gradients
      Add meta-surface-pattern test
      PS/Win32-printing: remove redundant checks from _analyze_operation
      PS: Add support for images with bilevel alpha
      Make PostScript output text selectable
      PDF: Add support for linear gradients with REPEAT and REFLECT
      PDF: Add support for CAIRO_FORMAT_A1 images
      win32-printing: Add missing struct initializers
      win32-printing: check if images are opaque
      update cairo-sections.txt
      win32-printing: add meta surface pattern support
      win32-printing: fix rounding problems when using pattern matrix
      win32-printing: fix stroke rounding problems
      win32-printing: Use the surface ctm in show_glyphs
      win32-printing: Add test boilerplate
      win32-printing: fix dash-caps-joins test failure
      win32-printing: fix typo in comment
      win32-printing: remove unused code
      win32-printing: fix error in comment
      PDF: Fix meta surface patterns with EXTEND_REFLECT

Behdad Esfahbod (35):
      Clear executable flag off .c file
      [configure.in] Cleanup after pixman removal and correctly check for pixman
      [cairo-paginated-surface] Add XXX mark to integer width,height arguments
      [cairo-image-surface] Simplify device-offset usage
      [scaled-font] Really ignore ctm translation
      Fix device_offset misuse in all glyph surface uses
      [cairo-scaled-font] Document how glyph surfaces use device offsets
      [ROADMAP] Mark fine-grained fallbacks done
      [Makefile.am] Use libcairo_la_CFLAGS instead of INCLUDES
      [Makefile.am] Add target splint to run splint static source code analyzer
      [cairo-image-surface] Fix comment syntax
      [Makefile.am] Inhibit unrecognized options to splint
      [Makefile.am] Move -DHAVE_CONFIG_H to the right place
      [Makefile.am] Add target sparse to run sparse static source code analyzer
      [Makefile.am] Run sparse and splint once per source file
      [boilerplate] Build libcairoboilerplate.la in make check and make test
      Fix header inclusion order
      [perf] Make cairo-perf-diff build cairo-perf-diff-files
      [configure.in] Document version scheme
      [configure.in] Make PS backend require zlib too (#12210)
      [cairo-path-fixed] typedef char cairo_path_fixed_op_t
      [cairo-path-fixed] Remove leftover typedef keyword
      [xlib] Make it compile without Xrender available at compile time (#12210)
      [cairo-xlib-xrender-private] Add copyright/license info for copied files
      [cairo-xlib-xrender-private] Remove some protocol-specific macros
      Merge branch 'no-xrender.h' into cairo
      [configure.in] Fix non-pkgconfig Xrender detection path (#4724)
      [test,perf] Support TARGETS_EXCLUDE make variable
      [PDF] Fix typo in comments
      [cairo-gstate] Fix comment about font_matrix having zero translation
      [ChangeLog.mk] Make make rule depend on .git/HEAD, not .git
      [cairo-ft-font] Ignore FT_Load_Glyph errors other than out-of-memory
      [ROADMAP] Mark xlib IncludeInferior support done
      [ChangeLog.mk] Fix changelog generation rules
      [cairo-xlib] Release glyph surfaces if we made them to be generated

Brian Ewins (16):
      [type1-subset] only subset ft fonts
      Fix to support new similar tests.
      propagate cairo_status_t return values
      do not ignore errors in glyph paths
      do not ignore ATSUI errors.
      do not ignore errors when creating styles.
      do not ignore errors in setup_source
      do not ignore errors, return NULL instead (moz#874315)
      do not return a cairo_status_t of UNSUPPORTED
      call _cairo_error on failure
      Implement EXTEND_NONE for gradients.
      fix dash-zero-length test
      implement clipping with surface masks.
      [quartz] return status instead of CGShadingRef
      [quartz] return status instead of cairo_quartz_surface_t
      [quartz] return status instead of CGPatternRef

Carl Worth (38):
      Increment version to 1.5.1 after the 1.4.10 release
      Ensure that a copied pattern gets its own user_data array
      Use 8-bit math to flatten color when emitting a solid pattern to PostScript
      Add a new xlib-fallback target to test xlib using image fallbacks instead of the Render extension
      Ensure the Render extension is initialized before calling XESetCloseDisplay
      Eliminate fragile cairo_internal_format_t
      Use a pixman_format_code to describe the image surface used for xlib fallbacks
      Restore the error message for unsupported X server visuals
      Add support for image fallbacks for X servers with 565 visuals
      Add support for image fallbacks for X servers with 555 visuals
      Remove include of cairoint.h from *-private.h header files.
      Remove build-breaking debugging helper.
      Merge branch 'cairo-origin' into cairo
      Add four new test to exercise interactions of native and fallback objects
      Add PS-specific reference images for 4 tests
      Modify ps-specific reference images for ft-text-vertical tests
      One more PS-specific reference image (for over-between-source)
      Remove svg2pdf and pdf2svg programs from test directory
      Add explanation of pdf_ignored_tests with links to upstream poppler bug reports
      Disable 7 cairo-pdf tests due to poppler knockout-group bug
      Disable radial-gradient and unbounded-operator tests for pdf
      Fix error in description of cairo version numbers
      Add rgb24-ignore-alpha test
      Merge branch adrianj/pdf-meta-surface-pattern into cairo
      Add rgb24-specific reference imag for mask-alpha test
      Fix typo in _cairo_gstate_fini
      Annoying churn of sgml templates
      Add figure illustrating derivation of miter limit
      Limit miters for small angles
      Fix remaining two calls to _cairo_path_fixed_get_current_point
      Improve brace readability for multi-line conditional
      Merge in fix for get-path-extents test case.
      Update URLs for pixman to point to cairographics.org
      Add degenerate-pen test case.
      Fix degenerate-pen test case by removing the triggering assertion
      Add notes for 1.5.2 snapshot
      Increment cairo version to 1.5.2 and libtool versioning to 14:0:12
      Add missing images to REFERENCE_IMAGES list

Chris Heath (1):
      [autogen.sh] Tolerate tput failure (#12757)

Chris Wilson (156):
      [configure] Only run PostScript tests if we have ghostscript.
      [cairo-matrix] Check determinant for invalid numbers.
      [check-plt] Ignore entries for pixman.
      [cairo-glitz-surface] Compile fix.
      [cairo-ft-font] Decrement lock count on error.
      [cairo-boilerplate-xlib] Check for NULL xrender_format before use.
      [cairo-pattern] Assert that the pattern->matrix is invertible.
      [cairo-pdf-surface] cairo_pattern_set_matrix guarantees invertibility.
      [cairo-pen] Remove hard-coded CAIRO_STATUS_SUCCESS from _stroke_spline_half()
      [cairo-pen] Remove status from _cairo_pen_find_active_vertex_*()
      [cairo-image-surface] Remove status return for hard-coded CAIRO_STATUS_SUCCESS.
      [cairo-pdf-surface] Check for errors during compression.
      [cairo-png] Protect against malloc(0).
      [cairo-truetype-subset] Avoid malloc(0).
      [boilerplate/xmalloc] Special case malloc(0) and friends.
      [cairo-image-surface] Avoid malloc(0)
      [cairo-xlib-surface] Avoid a malloc(0).
      [cairo-perf-diff] Remove reference to pixman.
      Fix inadvertent executable mode flip.
      [cairo-boilerplate-xlib] Clear Render data for the non-Render fallback.
      [cairo-boilerplate-xlib] Check that the surface will fit in the screen.
      [cairo-perf] Blacklist xlib-fallback.
      [cairo-gstate] Avoid copying untransformed glyphs.
      Revert "[cairo-gstate] Avoid copying untransformed glyphs."
      [cairo-surface] Add a comment about why the glyph array is not const.
      [cairo-boilerplate] Introduce CAIRO_TEST_TARGET_EXCLUDE.
      [cairo-ft-font] Early detection of a zero sized bitmap.
      [cairo-clip] Avoid a malloc(0).
      [cairo-region] Call _cairo_error() at original error site.
      [cairo-boilerplate] Do not throw an error if an exclude target is not found.
      Move GCC attributes wrapping into a separate header.
      [cairo-atomic] Introduce atomic ops.
      [cairo-atomic] Rewrite reference counting using atomic ops.
      [cairo-atomic]  Do not use Intel atomic primitives on i386.
      [cairo-png] Propagate error from read and write funcs.
      [test/create-for-stream] Add test case for user error propagation.
      [test/create-for-stream] Add the missing cairo_surface_finish().
      [test/get-path-extents] Test extents of an arc.
      [test/get-path-extents] Test extents of cairo_text_path().
      [configure] Work-around bad interaction of libtool and lcov
      [cairo-path] Don't raise an error when attempting to create an empty path.
      [cairo-image-surface] Return correct error surfaces.
      [cairo-image-surface] Avoid trying to create surfaces with invalid strides.
      [cairo-pen] Add _cairo_error().
      [cairo-polygon] Add a _cairo_error().
      [malloc] Check for integer overflow when realloc'ing.
      [malloc] Take advantage of calloc() argument checking.
      [malloc/error] Add call to _cairo_error() after a failed malloc.
      [cairo-path] Check for an empty path in cairo_append_path().
      [malloc/error] Fixup _cairo_error (CAIRO_STATUS_SUCCESS)!
      [cairo-atomic] Use an atomic operation to set the status on a shared resource.
      [cairo-error] Make _cairo_error() return the error status.
      [cairo-error] Clean up all the warnings and missing _cairo_error() calls.
      [cairo-error] Another _cairo_error (CAIRO_STATUS_SUCCESS)!
      [cairo-output-stream] Propagate error status when copying streams.
      [cairo-ft-font] Always call _cairo_ft_unscaled_font_fini ().
      [cairo-font-face] Set the error on the font.
      [cairo-scaled-font] Return the error status from _cairo_scaled_font_set_error()
      [cairo-scaled-font] Store fatal errors on the cairo_scaled_font_t.
      [cairo-scaled-font] Destroy the mask on the error path.
      [cairo-scaled-font] Freeze the font cache whilst iterating over glyphs.
      [cairo-matrix] Check whether a matrix is invertible before use.
      [cairo-gstate] Fix resource leaks on error paths.
      [cairo-scaled-font] Acquire mutex around _cairo_scaled_font_glyph_path().
      [cairo-scaled-font] Don't hold onto to a dropped font.
      [cairo] Protect the getters when operating on the nil object.
      [cairo-debug] Finalize mutexes along with other static data.
      [cairo-cff-subset] Propagate errors and review error paths.
      [cairo-truetype-subset] Do mask error status returns.
      [cairo-type1-subset] Do not mask error returns.
      [cairo-surface] Propagate fatal errors to the surface.
      [cairo-meta-surface] Propagate errors during replay to the surface.
      [cairo-output-stream] Guard against destroying the nil streams.
      [cairo-ps-surface] Check the creation of output streams.
      [cairo-image-surface] Check for errors whilst cloning.
      [cairo-pdf-surface] Propagate resource allocation failure.
      [Makefile] Correct parameters to lcov reset.
      [cairo-deflate-stream] Return the nil stream if creating from an error stream.
      [cairo-pdf-surface] Propagate errors from opening/closing groups.
      [cairo-pdf-surface] Propagate errors during pattern selection.
      [cairo-pdf-surface] Propagate errors from close_stream.
      [cairo-pdf-surface] Add some missing error propagation.
      [cairo-svg-surface] Review error propagation.
      [cairo-type1-subset] Propagate error status (correctly!)
      [cairo-atomic] Hide compiler warnings for _cairo_status_set_error().
      [cairo-type1-fallback] Propagate error from closing the stream.
      [cairo-surface-fallback] Release the acquired image on error.
      [cairo-surface] Add the usual guards to the API entry point.
      [cairo-scaled-font] Destroy the zombie font.
      [cairo-scaled-font] Mask cannot be NULL so remove redundant check.
      [cairo-png] Markup a couple of original error sites with _cairo_error().
      [cairo-scaled-font-subset] Propagate errors during collection.
      [test-surfaces] Mark the test backend as static.
      [test-paginated] Free resources if fail to create the test surface.
      [cairo-xlib] Initialize the global mutexes.
      Cleanup a couple of warnings for use of uninitialized statuses.
      [cairo-ps-surface] Propagate errors from emit_pattern().
      [cairo-pdf-surface] Propagate error status.
      [cairo-pdf-surface] Destroy local resources on failed surface creation.
      [cairo-pdf-surface] Check for pdf_resource_t allocation failure.
      [cairo-boilerplate-xlib] Cleanup fallback after creation failure.
      [cairo-ps-surface] Cleanup ps surface after creation failure.
      [cairo-xlib-display] Rescan the displays list during shutdown.
      [cairo-paginated-surface] Propagate backend errors to the surface.
      [cairo-scaled-font-subsets] Increment the sub_font counter after insertion.
      [cairo-pdf-surface] Check status return after emit_meta_pattern().
      [cairo-traps] Simplify the status interaction of traps_grow().
      [cairo-clip] Propagate error status from clip_intersect_path().
      [cairo-hull] Remove a couple of redundant status returns.
      [test-meta-surface] Propagate error from show_page().
      [cairo-cff-subset] Propagate error status from failed append_copy().
      [boilerplate-test-surfaces] Check show page for errors.
      [cairo-xlib-surface] Propagate error from _draw_image_surface() to surface.
      [cairo-glitz-surface] Propagate errors from set_image().
      [cairo-image-surface] Dead code elimination.
      [configure.in] Initialise test_svg.
      [win32] Clean up compiler warnings.
      Fix some trivial syntax warnings for -ansi.
      [Makefile.am] Change lcov-clean to use more portable constructs.
      [cairo-pdf-surface] Restore old_group for failed emit_meta_surface().
      [cairo-pdf-surface] Free the clip path on error.
      [cairo-png] Clean up volatile warning.
      [cairo-ps-surface] Close a couple of memory leaks.
      [cairo-pdf-surface] Return UNSUPPORTED from _to_unicode_stream().
      [cairo-path-stroke] Jump to cleanup after error.
      [Makefile.am] Add missing headers and reference images.
      [cairo-path-fixed] Drop the _cairo_error() markup.
      [cairo-clip] Pass the local pattern to create_similar_solid().
      [cairo-ft-font] Add paranoid error checking to Fc* operations.
      [pdiff] Check for too small images.
      [pdiff] Reorganise the inner loops of the convolution.
      [test/rgb24-ignore-alpha] Destroy the surface after use.
      [cairo-xlib] Move the buggy_repeat discovery to the display_t.
      [cairo-scaled-font-subsets] Simplify boolean return code.
      [test/.gitignore] Add *.exe.so
      [check-plt] Use -W flag to readelf.
      [cairo-xlib-surface] Match content to xrender_format using the channel masks.
      [Makefile.am] Fix ${top_srcdir}/libtool
      [cairo-clip] Avoid work when all clipped out.
      [cairo-xlib] Check source for XRender support.
      [cairo-test] Repeat tests for similar surfaces.
      [cairo-perf] Run performance tests over similar surfaces as well.
      [cairo-matrix] Check user input for invalid numbers.
      [cairo-perf-diff-files] Check for terminator before comparing tests.
      [cairo-perf-diff-files] Only use a valid initializer for min_test.
      [cairo-test] Remove executable flag from source files.
      [cairo-gstate] Check scale sx * sy != 0.
      [cairo-gstate] Add NaN check to rotate.
      [cairo-gstate] Add a missing _cairo_error() markup.
      [cairo-gstate] Allow angle==0 whilst rotating.
      [test/get-path-extents] Add link to bug report.
      [cairo-surface] Add the usual guards to _cairo_surface_set_font_options().
      Simplify return value from cairo_path_fixed_get_current_point().
      [cairo-path] Make _cairo_path_nil static.
      [cairo-path] Return CAIRO_STATUS_SUCCESS.
      [cairo-surface] Fix typo in doc.

Emmanuel Pacaud (5):
      [SVG] fix modeline for vim.
      Add a new fill_stroke surface backend method.
      [SVG] Implement fill_stroke method.
      [SVG] Don't emit transform property when matrix is identity.
      [SVG] Suppress code duplication by using _cairo_svg_surface_emit_stroke_style

Jeff Muizelaar (1):
      Fix theoretical NULL return from cairo_pop_group()

Jinghua Luo (1):
      [Glitz] fix compilation.

Jody Goldberg (1):
      [PDF] The symbol 'GROUP' is already used on some win32 systems; add a prefix

Jonathan Gramain (1):
      [cairo-gstate] Fix order of matrices in _cairo_gstate_backend_to_user_rectangle()

Keith Packard (1):
      Force non-AA text when using a bitmap strike with only scaling transform.

Ken Herron (1):
      PS output optimizations (#11442)

Martin Ejdestig (1):
      Plug possible leak of pixman_traps in _cairo_image_surface_composite_trapezoids.

Nis Martensen (1):
      Typo fixes in README files

Søren Sandmann (5):
      [pixman] Initial port to standalone pixman library.
      Fix initialization of radial patterns
      Fix bug where _cairo_image_surface_composite_trapezoids() computed the wrong stride for aliased masks
      pixman_image_set_transform() returns FALSE on failure
      Add note about pixman dependency in README

Søren Sandmann Pedersen (2):
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://sandmann@git.freedesktop.org/git/cairo
      Bump pixman dependency to 0.9.4

Vladimir Vukicevic (40):
      [fix] Avoid int overflow when allocating large buffers
      [fixpt] Update quartz surface for new types
      [fixpt] Make fixed point methods static inline and generic
      [fixpt] Use _cairo_fixed_mul insted of manual multiplication
      [fixpt] Replace cairo_rectangle_int16_t with cairo_rectangle_int_t
      [fixpt] fix up image surface to translate to 16.16 for pixman
      [fixpt] remove dependency on some pixman types
      [fixpt] Fix xlib surface to handle conversion to 16.16
      [fixpt] Fix xcb surface to handle conversion to 16.16
      [fixpt] Create cairo_region wrapper around pixman_region16_t
      [fixpt] Let the compiler calculate the magic double-to-fixed value
      [fixpt] Fix up compilation post pixman merge
      [fixpt] Fixup malloc usage to use _cairo_malloc_*
      [win32] compilation fix for win32
      Fix path_fixed_offset_and_scale to apply scale and offset in right order
      Fix image_extra arg in call to _cairo_release_source_image
      [win32] check correct surface for BitBlt support in get_subimage
      [win32] Update win32 Makefiles
      Implement fallback for clone_similar
      [win32] Add cairo_win32_font_face_create_for_logfontw_hfont
      [win32] call free() and not scaled_font_destroy() if scaled init fails
      Fix previous create_similar fallback patch
      [win32] call scaled_font_fini in create before returning NULL
      Add b8g8r8 formats to cairo-image-surface
      [mlk] Free boxes in copy_rectangle_list on success
      Export cairo_surface_{copy,show}_page
      Update cairo-sections.txt
      Let surfaces specify their native resolution, for fallback purposes
      [win32] Add win32 printing surface
      Make NO_MUTEX really mean no mutexes
      [win32] add new win32 printing surface
      fix trailing whitespace
      Avoid divide-by-zero when trying to allocate a 0-sized array
      [win32] remove ignore_operators flag from win32 printing surface
      [win32] report error correctly if CreateCompatibleBitmap fails
      [win32] return a nil surface, not NULL
      [win32] reduce GDI object usage
      Fix win32 printing surface copyright notice
      [win32] mask win32 printing vertex colors with 0xff00 per docs

 CODING_STYLE                                         |   25 
 ChangeLog.mk                                         |    4 
 Makefile.am                                          |   35 
 Makefile.win32                                       |   45 
 NEWS                                                 |  252 +
 README                                               |   11 
 ROADMAP                                              |   25 
 TODO                                                 |   14 
 autogen.sh                                           |    4 
 boilerplate/Makefile.am                              |    4 
 boilerplate/Makefile.win32                           |   17 
 boilerplate/cairo-boilerplate-pdf.c                  |   44 
 boilerplate/cairo-boilerplate-test-surfaces.c        |    8 
 boilerplate/cairo-boilerplate-win32-printing.c       |  309 +
 boilerplate/cairo-boilerplate-win32-private.h        |   15 
 boilerplate/cairo-boilerplate-xlib-private.h         |    8 
 boilerplate/cairo-boilerplate-xlib.c                 |  123 
 boilerplate/cairo-boilerplate.c                      |   93 
 boilerplate/xmalloc.c                                |    6 
 configure.in                                         |   97 
 doc/public/cairo-sections.txt                        |   10 
 doc/public/tmpl/cairo-ps.sgml                        |   53 
 doc/public/tmpl/cairo-surface.sgml                   |   19 
 doc/public/tmpl/cairo-win32-fonts.sgml               |   10 
 doc/public/tmpl/cairo-win32.sgml                     |    9 
 perf/Makefile.am                                     |   10 
 perf/README                                          |    6 
 perf/cairo-perf-diff                                 |   13 
 perf/cairo-perf-diff-files.c                         |   30 
 perf/cairo-perf.c                                    |  129 
 pixman/.gitignore                                    |   20 
 pixman/AUTHORS                                       |   19 
 pixman/COPYING                                       |   92 
 pixman/ChangeLog                                     | 1534 ------
 pixman/ChangeLog.libic                               |  300 -
 pixman/ChangeLog.libpixregion                        |   47 
 pixman/ChangeLog.slim                                |   39 
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 pixman/src/Makefile.win32                            |   37 
 pixman/src/check-config.sh                           |   17 
 pixman/src/check-pixmanint.sh                        |   17 
 pixman/src/fbcompose.c                               | 4354 -------------------
 pixman/src/fbedge.c                                  |  303 -
 pixman/src/fbedgeimp.h                               |  136 
 pixman/src/fbmmx.c                                   | 2821 ------------
 pixman/src/fbmmx.h                                   |  298 -
 pixman/src/fbpict.c                                  | 2181 ---------
 pixman/src/fbpict.h                                  |  355 -
 pixman/src/fbtrap.c                                  |  236 -
 pixman/src/icblt.c                                   |  951 ----
 pixman/src/icbltone.c                                |  743 ---
 pixman/src/iccolor.c                                 |   83 
 pixman/src/icformat.c                                |  220 
 pixman/src/icimage.c                                 |  744 ---
 pixman/src/icimage.h                                 |  384 -
 pixman/src/icint.h                                   | 1070 ----
 pixman/src/icpixels.c                                |  116 
 pixman/src/icrect.c                                  |  404 -
 pixman/src/icrop.h                                   |  137 
 pixman/src/icstipple.c                               |   81 
 pixman/src/ictransform.c                             |   63 
 pixman/src/ictrap.c                                  |  200 
 pixman/src/ictri.c                                   |  293 -
 pixman/src/icutil.c                                  |  287 -
 pixman/src/pixman-remap.h                            |   81 
 pixman/src/pixman-xserver-compat.h                   |  125 
 pixman/src/pixman.h                                  |  546 --
 pixman/src/pixmanint.h                               | 1076 ----
 pixman/src/pixregion.c                               | 2522 -----------
 pixman/src/pixregionint.h                            |   75 
 pixman/src/renderedge.c                              |  196 
 pixman/src/renderedge.h                              |  157 
 pixman/update.pl                                     |  159 
 src/Makefile.am                                      |   50 
 src/Makefile.win32                                   |   19 
 src/cairo-analysis-surface-private.h                 |   15 
 src/cairo-analysis-surface.c                         |  481 +-
 src/cairo-array.c                                    |    9 
 src/cairo-atomic-private.h                           |   93 
 src/cairo-atomic.c                                   |   94 
 src/cairo-atsui-font.c                               |  156 
 src/cairo-base85-stream.c                            |    4 
 src/cairo-bentley-ottmann.c                          |   16 
 src/cairo-beos-surface.cpp                           |    4 
 src/cairo-cache-private.h                            |    1 
 src/cairo-cache.c                                    |    6 
 src/cairo-cff-subset.c                               |  381 +
 src/cairo-clip-private.h                             |   25 
 src/cairo-clip.c                                     |  362 -
 src/cairo-compiler-private.h                         |  115 
 src/cairo-debug.c                                    |    4 
 src/cairo-deflate-stream.c                           |   10 
 src/cairo-directfb-surface.c                         |  106 
 src/cairo-fixed-private.h                            |  245 +
 src/cairo-fixed.c                                    |  100 
 src/cairo-font-face.c                                |  101 
 src/cairo-font-options.c                             |   11 
 src/cairo-ft-font.c                                  |  394 -
 src/cairo-ft-private.h                               |    1 
 src/cairo-glitz-surface.c                            |  428 +
 src/cairo-gstate.c                                   |  110 
 src/cairo-hash-private.h                             |    1 
 src/cairo-hash.c                                     |    7 
 src/cairo-hull.c                                     |   16 
 src/cairo-image-surface.c                            |  742 ++-
 src/cairo-lzw.c                                      |   10 
 src/cairo-malloc-private.h                           |  141 
 src/cairo-matrix.c                                   |   28 
 src/cairo-meta-surface-private.h                     |   38 
 src/cairo-meta-surface.c                             |  214 
 src/cairo-mutex-list-private.h                       |    3 
 src/cairo-mutex-private.h                            |    1 
 src/cairo-mutex-type-private.h                       |    6 
 src/cairo-os2-private.h                              |    2 
 src/cairo-os2-surface.c                              |   43 
 src/cairo-output-stream-private.h                    |    1 
 src/cairo-output-stream.c                            |   45 
 src/cairo-paginated-private.h                        |   24 
 src/cairo-paginated-surface.c                        |  223 
 src/cairo-path-fixed-private.h                       |    7 
 src/cairo-path-fixed.c                               |   82 
 src/cairo-path-private.h                             |    2 
 src/cairo-path-stroke.c                              |  151 
 src/cairo-path.c                                     |   50 
 src/cairo-pattern.c                                  |  357 -
 src/cairo-pdf-surface-private.h                      |   62 
 src/cairo-pdf-surface.c                              | 2780 +++++++++---
 src/cairo-pen.c                                      |   69 
 src/cairo-png.c                                      |  100 
 src/cairo-polygon.c                                  |   10 
 src/cairo-private.h                                  |    3 
 src/cairo-ps-surface-private.h                       |    9 
 src/cairo-ps-surface.c                               | 1619 +++++--
 src/cairo-ps.h                                       |   32 
 src/cairo-quartz-private.h                           |    4 
 src/cairo-quartz-surface.c                           |  261 -
 src/cairo-rectangle.c                                |   10 
 src/cairo-reference-count-private.h                  |   66 
 src/cairo-region-private.h                           |  111 
 src/cairo-region.c                                   |  187 
 src/cairo-scaled-font-private.h                      |    3 
 src/cairo-scaled-font-subsets-private.h              |   17 
 src/cairo-scaled-font-subsets.c                      |  249 -
 src/cairo-scaled-font.c                              |  308 -
 src/cairo-skiplist.c                                 |    5 
 src/cairo-spline.c                                   |   10 
 src/cairo-stroke-style.c                             |    4 
 src/cairo-surface-fallback-private.h                 |   12 
 src/cairo-surface-fallback.c                         |  156 
 src/cairo-surface-private.h                          |   11 
 src/cairo-surface.c                                  |  516 +-
 src/cairo-svg-surface.c                              |  731 ++-
 src/cairo-traps.c                                    |   92 
 src/cairo-truetype-subset.c                          |  553 +-
 src/cairo-type1-fallback.c                           |   43 
 src/cairo-type1-subset.c                             |  288 -
 src/cairo-types-private.h                            |  103 
 src/cairo-unicode.c                                  |   16 
 src/cairo-wideint-private.h                          |    2 
 src/cairo-win32-font.c                               |  248 -
 src/cairo-win32-printing-surface.c                   | 1549 ++++++
 src/cairo-win32-private.h                            |   68 
 src/cairo-win32-surface.c                            |  320 -
 src/cairo-win32.h                                    |    7 
 src/cairo-xcb-surface.c                              |  208 
 src/cairo-xlib-display.c                             |  113 
 src/cairo-xlib-private.h                             |   19 
 src/cairo-xlib-screen.c                              |   14 
 src/cairo-xlib-surface.c                             |  479 +-
 src/cairo-xlib-xrender-private.h                     | 1081 ++++
 src/cairo.c                                          |  130 
 src/cairo.h                                          |   10 
 src/cairoint.h                                       |  404 -
 src/check-plt.sh                                     |    2 
 src/test-fallback-surface.c                          |   18 
 src/test-meta-surface.c                              |   18 
 src/test-paginated-surface.c                         |   22 
 test/.gitignore                                      |   10 
 test/Makefile.am                                     |   56 
 test/Makefile.win32                                  |   18 
 test/README                                          |    6 
 test/buffer-diff.c                                   |   14 
 test/cairo-test.c                                    |  173 
 test/clip-fill-rule-ps-rgb24-ref.png                 |binary
 test/clip-nesting-ps-rgb24-ref.png                   |binary
 test/clip-operator-ps-argb32-ref.png                 |binary
 test/clip-push-group-ps-argb32-ref.png               |binary
 test/clip-push-group-ps-rgb24-ref.png                |binary
 test/clip-twice-ps-rgb24-ref.png                     |binary
 test/copy-path-ps-rgb24-ref.png                      |binary
 test/copy-path.c                                     |   32 
 test/create-for-stream.c                             |   58 
 test/create-from-png.c                               |   84 
 test/dash-caps-joins-ps-rgb24-ref.png                |binary
 test/dash-scale-ps-rgb24-ref.png                     |binary
 test/dash-state-ps-rgb24-ref.png                     |binary
 test/degenerate-path-ps-rgb24-ref.png                |binary
 test/degenerate-pen-ps-argb32-ref.png                |binary
 test/degenerate-pen-ref.png                          |binary
 test/degenerate-pen.c                                |  104 
 test/fill-and-stroke-ps-rgb24-ref.png                |binary
 test/fill-missed-stop-ps-rgb24-ref.png               |binary
 test/fill-rule-ps-rgb24-ref.png                      |binary
 test/fill-rule.c                                     |    2 
 test/font-matrix-translation-ps-rgb24-ref.png        |binary
 test/ft-text-vertical-layout-type1-ps-argb32-ref.png |binary
 test/ft-text-vertical-layout-type3-ps-argb32-ref.png |binary
 test/get-path-extents.c                              |   61 
 test/gradient-alpha-ps-argb32-ref.png                |binary
 test/gradient-alpha-ps-rgb24-ref.png                 |binary
 test/invalid-matrix.c                                |   94 
 test/leaky-dash-ps-rgb24-ref.png                     |binary
 test/line-width-scale-ps-rgb24-ref.png               |binary
 test/linear-gradient-ps-argb32-ref.png               |binary
 test/linear-gradient-ps-rgb24-ref.png                |binary
 test/make-html.pl                                    |  136 
 test/mask-alpha-ref.png                              |binary
 test/mask-alpha-rgb24-ref.png                        |binary
 test/mask-alpha.c                                    |   90 
 test/meta-surface-pattern-ref.png                    |binary
 test/meta-surface-pattern-rgb24-ref.png              |binary
 test/meta-surface-pattern.c                          |  131 
 test/new-sub-path-ps-rgb24-ref.png                   |binary
 test/operator-source-ps-argb32-ref.png               |binary
 test/operator-source-ps-rgb24-ref.png                |binary
 test/over-above-source-ps-argb32-ref.png             |binary
 test/over-above-source-ref.png                       |binary
 test/over-above-source-rgb24-ref.png                 |binary
 test/over-above-source.c                             |   80 
 test/over-around-source-ps-argb32-ref.png            |binary
 test/over-around-source-ref.png                      |binary
 test/over-around-source-rgb24-ref.png                |binary
 test/over-around-source.c                            |   91 
 test/over-below-source-ps-argb32-ref.png             |binary
 test/over-below-source-ref.png                       |binary
 test/over-below-source-rgb24-ref.png                 |binary
 test/over-below-source.c                             |   80 
 test/over-between-source-ps-argb32-ref.png           |binary
 test/over-between-source-ref.png                     |binary
 test/over-between-source-rgb24-ref.png               |binary
 test/over-between-source.c                           |   91 
 test/pdf2svg.c                                       |  101 
 test/pdiff/Makefile.win32                            |   18 
 test/pdiff/lpyramid.c                                |   27 
 test/pdiff/pdiff.c                                   |    3 
 test/pixman-rotate-ps-argb32-ref.png                 |binary
 test/pixman-rotate-ps-rgb24-ref.png                  |binary
 test/random-intersections-ps-rgb24-ref.png           |binary
 test/rel-path-ps-rgb24-ref.png                       |binary
 test/rgb24-ignore-alpha-ref.png                      |binary
 test/rgb24-ignore-alpha.c                            |   67 
 test/rotate-image-surface-paint-ps-rgb24-ref.png     |binary
 test/source-clip-scale-ps-argb32-ref.png             |binary
 test/source-clip-scale-ps-rgb24-ref.png              |binary
 test/svg2pdf.c                                       |   85 
 test/text-pattern-ps-argb32-ref.png                  |binary
 test/text-pattern-ps-rgb24-ref.png                   |binary
 test/text-rotate-ps-rgb24-ref.png                    |binary
 test/trap-clip-ps-argb32-ref.png                     |binary
 test/trap-clip-ps-rgb24-ref.png                      |binary
 270 files changed, 16483 insertions(+), 29366 deletions(-)

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