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+It's always very enjoyable and quite productive when cairo developers
+can get together and accomplish some tasks. This often happens
+informally, when various cairo developers happen to be at the same
+conference, such as has happened with th [GNOME
+Summit](http://www.gnome.org/summit/), [LCA](http://linux.conf.au),
+[GUADEC](http://www.guadec.org), [GTK+
+[LGM](http://libregraphicsmeeting.org/) and other occasions.
+More recently, the idea has been proposed to specifically invite and
+gather together cairo developers for a meeting whose sole purpose is
+to improve cairo. If successful, perhaps this will become a more
+regular event. For now, see the following pages for more details on
+specific events:
+  * [Cairo Summit 2008](2008)

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