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+[[meta title="Cairo Summit 2008"]]
+Mozilla has kindly offered to host Cairo Summit 2008, the first formal
+attempt to gather as many cairo developers as possible for hacking and
+improving cairo.
+  * Attendees
+  * Schedule
+  * [Notes from the event](Notes)
+Please see a s
+[If details seem sketchy on this page, that's simply because I haven't
+yet found the person who knows the real details in order to put them
+here. But I'm working on it! And things really are more organized than
+what one might guess from this page... -cworth]
+The summit will take place from Tuesday August 26 through Thursday
+August 29. Those days are intended to be filled with hacking, so it
+probably makes sense for most people to arrange flights to arrive on
+Monday August 25 and leave on Friday August 29.
+The summit will be in Mountain View, California. More details will
+appear here shortly.
+The nearest airport to Mountain View is San Jose, California (SJC),
+but many people will find more available/cheaper flights into San
+Francisco International (SFO). SFO is about 30 miles from Mountain
+View, and as such, a taxicab would be rather expensive. Other options
+are renting a car, (which is often a necessity for getting around
+cities in California), or using the BART/CalTrain to get to Mountain
+View, and then taking a taxicab to your hotel from there.
+I'm anticipating someone from Mozilla will provide some
+recommendations here.
+Again, we're waiting to see what Mozilla might have to say here.

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