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Chris Wilson ickle at freedesktop.org
Fri Nov 7 15:11:47 PST 2008

 src/summit/speck2008.mdwn |    9 +++++++++
 1 file changed, 9 insertions(+)

New commits:
commit f60c55328524150c9299cf4da9fd9ea26db229d3
Author: Chris Wilson <chris at chris-wilson.co.uk>
Date:   Fri Nov 7 23:08:54 2008 +0000

    [speck] Make a not of the venue
    After getting stranded at SFO and not knowing where to go, add the hostel
    location to the wiki!

diff --git a/src/summit/speck2008.mdwn b/src/summit/speck2008.mdwn
index ac971c8..f912c27 100644
--- a/src/summit/speck2008.mdwn
+++ b/src/summit/speck2008.mdwn
@@ -9,8 +9,12 @@ Currently planning to attend are:
  * Benjamin Otte
+   Arrival: ~1930
  * Joonas Pihlaja
+   Arrival: ~1700
  * Carl Worth
  * Chris Wilson
@@ -21,3 +25,8 @@ Currently planning to attend are:
 The topic for the gathering is the opening of the 1.9 development cycle and
 integration of all the wacky ideas that have been brewing recently. There may
 even be time for some performance optimization...
+Carl will be staying at the Hotel Regina, while the rest of the gang will
+(most likely be) in the Ostello della Gioventù di Bolzano - Bozen,
+Via Renon 23, 39100 Bolzano (BZ).

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