[cairo-commit] test/smask-text-ref.png

Carl Worth cworth at kemper.freedesktop.org
Wed Sep 24 18:30:28 PDT 2008

 test/smask-text-ref.png |binary
 1 file changed

New commits:
commit 3ae894a9fd5152821e1b427aff298c3f8ae00298
Author: Carl Worth <cworth at cworth.org>
Date:   Wed Sep 24 18:29:00 2008 -0700

    Update reference image for smask-text test.
    Very minor rasterization differences crept in here
    from somewhere. Of course, it would be easier to
    identify from *where* if we documented all the versions
    of the various external libraries used in creating
    reference images. But for now, the versions on the
    machine of the person making the release win.

diff --git a/test/smask-text-ref.png b/test/smask-text-ref.png
index 2649c65..f001859 100644
Binary files a/test/smask-text-ref.png and b/test/smask-text-ref.png differ

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