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 [[!meta title="Objective Caml bindings"]]
 [Objective Caml](http://caml.inria.fr/) bindings are in the
-[cairo-ocaml](http://webcvs.cairographics.org/cairo-ocaml/) module of the
-cvs repository.
+[cairo-ocaml](http://cgit.freedesktop.org/cairo-ocaml/) module of the git repository.
 The following [[backends]] are supported: 
@@ -23,9 +22,9 @@ There are also bindings for the SVG renderer
 # Releases
 Version 1.0.0 of cairo-ocaml targets the 1.0.x releases of Cairo. It
-has tag cairo-ocaml-1-0-0 in the CVS repository.
+has tag cairo-ocaml-1.0.0 in the git repository.
-The head of the CVS repository targets the 1.2.x releases of Cairo.
+The head of the repository requires Cairo >= 1.2.x.
 # Documentation

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