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@@ -75,7 +75,13 @@ Use curl to download FOUR tarballs: zlib, libpng, pixman, cairo. Adjust specific
 Why the last 4 move commands? The default directory names are things like pixman-0.1.16 (version numbers included in the name). Some of the packages have compile paths dependent on the simpler names. So we do all 4 of them to keep them simple and consistent.
-### Setup Compilation Environment    
+### Setup Compilation Environment
+This is a single step. Visual C++ Express has a .bat file we can run to get various environment variables set for compiling. If you're using a different version of Microsoft tools, you'll need to locate and run that .bat here.
+       "%VS90COMNTOOLS%/vsvars32.bat
+(The quotation marks are important if you have spaces anywhere in your path).   
 ### Build zlib

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