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@@ -154,3 +154,22 @@ Fallback images are the main cause of large file sizes and slow printing times.
     output.ps:% Fallback Image: x=100, y=150, w=350, h=250 res=300dpi size=4560834
     output.ps:% Fallback Image: x=150, y=400, w=299, h=50 res=300dpi size=783750
+# Features support by the PostScript surface
+The following table lists the features that are natively supported by the PostScript surface. Natively supported operations will result in vector PostScript output. Unsupported operations will be rasterized and printed as a fallback image.
+    Feature                             Supported
+    paint/fill/stroke/show_glyphs       yes, depending on pattern
+    mask                                no
+    fonts                               yes - some font types are converted to Type 1
+    translucent colors                  no - opaque colors only.
+    images                              yes
+    linear gradients                    level 3 only
+    radial gradients                    level 3 only. Only when one circle is inside the other and EXTEND is NONE or PAD
+    push_group/create_similar           yes
+    CAIRO_OPERATOR_SOURCE               yes
+    CAIRO_OPERATOR_SOURCE               yes (opaque colors only)
+    all other operators                 no

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