[cairo-commit] test/linear-gradient-large.ref.png

Andrea Canciani ranma42 at kemper.freedesktop.org
Tue Aug 10 10:47:28 PDT 2010

 test/linear-gradient-large.ref.png |binary
 1 file changed

New commits:
commit cd52378ae60ab2075d7e9ec7335e990b2f46059e
Author: Andrea Canciani <ranma42 at gmail.com>
Date:   Tue Aug 10 19:38:59 2010 +0200

    test: Update linear-gradient-large ref image
    Make linear-gradient-large ref image match xlib gradients (both on nvidia
    and on macosx) and pixman gradients (when patched to compute the linear
    gradients using floating point math).

diff --git a/test/linear-gradient-large.ref.png b/test/linear-gradient-large.ref.png
index cd5a07a..753fe2a 100644
Binary files a/test/linear-gradient-large.ref.png and b/test/linear-gradient-large.ref.png differ

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