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Date:   Sun Feb 14 14:43:13 2010 -0800

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@@ -135,20 +135,21 @@ regarding this program, feel free to send them to me
 # Something with a bit more glitz
-This is an example demonstrating how to setup a glitz-backend and use
-that for rendering cairo via OpenGL. You can pass -n on the
-commandline to avoid using glitz and fallback to the image-backend,
-which should run nearly on every system. To throttle the framerate you
+This used to be an example using the glitz-backend of cairo. But
+since glitz has been deprecated and removed from cairo I changed this
+example to ignore glitz completely. The new cairo-gl backend, which is
+still experimental, sort of takes over at this point. But I've not
+been able to update the example (cairo-gimmicks) to use this new backend.
+Right now only the image-backend is used and should therefore run
+nearly on every system. To throttle the framerate you
 can pass -r <desired framerate> and the program will try to match that
 frame-rate. The default is to try to render with 30 Hz. Be sure to
 read the supplied README from the git-repository or tarball.
-	git clone git://people.freedesktop.org/~macslow/glitz-test
+	bzr branch lp:cairo-gimmicks
-... or grab the automatically generated tarball
+... or just head over to the project page[here](https://code.edge.launchpad.net/cairo-gimmicks)
 Once successfully compiled it will look like this (depending wether
 you have a composited environment or not)...

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