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Author: Nis Martensen <nis.martensen at web.de>
Date:   Sat Apr 30 22:50:48 2011 +0200

    html validity fixes

diff --git a/src/operators.mdwn b/src/operators.mdwn
index 7813681..60f6993 100644
--- a/src/operators.mdwn
+++ b/src/operators.mdwn
@@ -664,10 +664,7 @@ pointwise between the unclipped result and the destination.  In the
 descriptions below this is achieved using a ternary operator
 <i>A</i> LERP<i><sub>T</sub></i> <i>B</i> that is defined here as:
-	<i>A</i> LERP<i><sub>T</sub></i> <i>B</i> := (<i>A</i> IN
-	<i>T</i>) ADD (<i>B</i> OUT <i>T</i>)
+<div class="eqn"><i>A</i> LERP<i><sub>T</sub></i> <i>B</i> := (<i>A</i> IN <i>T</i>) ADD (<i>B</i> OUT <i>T</i>)</div>
 The approach to masking is to combine it using operator IN with either the <i>clip</i>, for
 the bounded operators, or with the source for the unbounded ones.
@@ -676,7 +673,7 @@ There are three distinct rendering equations used within cairo to
 implement clipping and masking, which can be described using the
 (unclipped, unmasked) operators IN, OUT and ADD operators as primitives.
-<table align="center" border="1">
@@ -709,7 +706,7 @@ The following table gives the rendering equation used by each of cairo's
 operators.  The entries marked with Any are operators for
 which all three variants coincide.
-<table align="center" border="1">

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