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Author: Chris Wilson <chris at chris-wilson.co.uk>
Date:   Sun Jan 23 17:00:41 2011 +0000

    NEWS for 1.11.2

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+[[!meta title="cairo 1.12.2 snapshot available"]]
+[[!meta date="2009-01-23"]]
+	From: Chris Wilson <chris at chris-wilson.co.uk>
+	To: cairo-announce at cairographics.org
+	Subject: cairo snapshot 1.11.2 now available
+	A new cairo snapshot 1.11.2 is now available from:
+		http://cairographics.org/snapshots/cairo-1.11.2.tar.gz
+	    which can be verified with:
+		http://cairographics.org/snapshots/cairo-1.11.2.tar.gz.sha1
+		40b9e1066fcd33c2aeecd800764b1aa5a0ac7bde  cairo-1.11.2.tar.gz
+		http://cairographics.org/snapshots/cairo-1.11.2.tar.gz.sha1.asc
+		(signed by Chris Wilson)
+	  Additionally, a git clone of the source tree:
+		git clone git://git.cairographics.org/git/cairo
+	    will include a signed 1.11.2 tag which points to a commit named:
+		ac9ee388faf3c8c5df502f6cc7b039f043154954
+	    which can be verified with:
+		git verify-tag 1.11.2
+	    and can be checked out with a command such as:
+		git checkout -b build 1.11.2
+	Snapshot 1.11.2 (2011-01-23)
+	===========================
+	In this first snapshot along the way to cairo-1.12.0, we are very excited
+	to announce the introduction of Bezier surface gradients, known as type
+	6/7 gradients in PS/PDF parlance. This is the culmination of much work by
+	the dynamic duo: Adrian Johnson and Andrea Canciani. Thanks guys!
+	Also, I want to warmly welcome Uli Schlachter who recently joined the
+	Cairo community on a mission. That mission is to make cairo-xcb a
+	supported backend for 1.12. And for this snapshot he has made great
+	strides in fixing all the bugs I had left behind. Thanks Uli!
+	And we have also seen a new contributor, Alexandros Frantzis, who has
+	begun bringing up cairo-gl for GLESv2 devices. Thanks Alex!
+	And lastly, I must also thank Adrian and Andrea for the vast numbers of
+	bugs that they have tackled between them, fixing all those little corner
+	cases that lie hidden until too late.
+	-Chris
+	API additions:
+	The ability to construct piece-wise Bezier surface gradients:
+		cairo_pattern_create_mesh
+		constructs a pattern of type CAIRO_PATTERN_TYPE_MESH using
+		cairo_pattern_mesh_begin_patch
+		cairo_pattern_mesh_end_patch
+		cairo_pattern_mesh_curve_to
+		cairo_pattern_mesh_line_to
+		cairo_pattern_mesh_move_to
+		cairo_pattern_mesh_set_control_point
+		cairo_pattern_mesh_set_corner_color_rgb
+		cairo_pattern_mesh_set_corner_color_rgba
+		cairo_pattern_mesh_get_patch_count
+		cairo_pattern_mesh_get_path
+		cairo_pattern_mesh_get_corner_color_rgba
+		cairo_pattern_mesh_get_control_point
+	The introduction of a unique ID accessible via the mime data type:
+	List of all changes between 1.10.0 and 1.11.2
+	---------------------------------------------
+	Adrian Johnson (74):
+	      Fix font metrics in PDF Type 1 fonts
+	      Add capability for font subsets to put latin glyphs in a separate subset
+	      pdf-operators: output (abc) style strings when font is latin
+	      Return latin to glyph mapping in cairo_scaled_font_subset_t
+	      Add winansi glyph names
+	      Type 1 subsetting: add support for latin subsets
+	      Type 1 fallback: add support for latin subsets
+	      PS: Enable support for latin subsets
+	      TrueType subsetting: embed a cmap for latin subsets
+	      PDF: Add support for latin subsets
+	      pdf-operators: fix bug that was causing unnecessary repositioning of text
+	      Fix font metrics in PDF Type 1 fonts
+	      pdf-operators: fix bug that was causing unnecessary repositioning of text
+	      pdf-operators: word wrap latin text strings
+	      Don't embed cmap in TrueType fonts embedded in PostScript
+	      CFF subset: add support for latin subsets
+	      PS: Allow %%BoundingBox and %%PageBoundingBox to be overriden using DSC comments
+	      remove unused variable
+	      Fix bug in subsetting check for winansi characters
+	      Don't put Type3 glyphs in latin subsets
+	      Refresh ft-show-glyphs-positioning pdf ref image
+	      Rewrite pdf-operators word wrapping
+	      PDF: Fix regression in EXTEND_NONE gradients
+	      PS: Remove redundant code
+	      PDF: Remove radial gradient fallback
+	      PS: Remove radial gradient fallback
+	      Type 1 subset: Fix glyph advance
+	      PDF: Fix regression in EXTEND_NONE gradients
+	      Type 1 subset: Fix glyph advance
+	      PDF: Don't use the currently set color  after a 'Q' operator
+	      PDF: Don't use the currently set color  after a 'Q' operator
+	      PDF: Use correct bfchar size in toUnicode for latin fonts
+	      CFF Subset: Remove debug code
+	      configure.ac.features: s/Meta/Recording/
+	      Fix type1-fallback bbox
+	      Move glyph names into separate file
+	      Type 1 glyph names: Do not use an array of pointers for winansi glyph names
+	      PDF: Fix toUnicode for CID fonts
+	      PDF: Restrict ActualText to PDF version >= 1.5
+	      win32: Use a font_face hash table to provide unique font faces
+	      win32-print: print as unicode where possible
+	      win32: fix font_face hashing
+	      PS/PDF: Fix regression when changing page size to a larger size
+	      PS: Fix regression - missing page content in EPS output
+	      PS: Fix regression - incorrect EPS bounding box
+	      Fix regression in fallback-resolution test
+	      configure.ac.features: s/Meta/Recording/     (cherry picked from commit 8f2f5e5ad4f8e5f18da903865bb2d2afce3a544e)
+	      Fix type1-fallback bbox     (cherry picked from commit 74873c82242e9c124b69e05d0f8abdf78983d62d)
+	      PDF: Restrict ActualText to PDF version >= 1.5
+	      PS/PDF: Fix regression when changing page size to a larger size
+	      PS: Fix regression - missing page content in EPS output
+	      PS: Fix regression - incorrect EPS bounding box
+	      Add unique_id mime type
+	      Use fallback font for synthetic fonts
+	      win32: add synthetic font subsetting support
+	      Document load_truetype_table function and ensure ft-font and Win32-font are compliant
+	      Check table size in cairo_truetype_get_style()
+	      Automate error checking for ps-eps test
+	      Fix xml-surface use of load_truetype_font
+	      Check is_synthetic() font backend exists before calling it
+	      PDF: Add missing clipper_reset
+	      Truetype subset: add missing unicode ranges to cmap
+	      PDF: Add missing clipper_reset     (cherry picked from commit 2ae2be36d4551906fd4edbc8bf07aaa7fe0c93cf)
+	      Fix fallback-resolution test
+	      Boilerplate: Set fallback resolution using force_fallbacks function
+	      Change fallback resolution test to use resolutions in multiples of 72
+	      CFF subset: fix subsetting of Euro glyph
+	      CFF subset: fix bug with euro glyph in fallback fonts
+	      CFF Subsetting: Subset subroutines
+	      PDF: Output a stencil mask for cairo_mask() with solid source and A1 mask
+	      mesh: Add mesh pattern type and enum values
+	      pdf,ps: Add native mesh pattern support
+	      pattern: Add public mesh pattern API
+	      test: Add tests for mesh patterns
+	Alexandros Frantzis (10):
+	      gl: Add functions to query GL version and extensions
+	      gl: Add infrastructure for calling GL functions using a dispatch table
+	      gl: Embed the GL dispatch table in the cairo-gl context and initialize it.
+	      gl: Add definitions for the core variant names of used GL constants
+	      gl: Use the dispatch table for calling ARB/EXT functions
+	      gl: Use the GL core 2.0 shader implementation for both GL 1.x ARB and GL 2.x
+	      gl: Remove GL 1.x ARB shader implementation
+	      gl: Replace GLEW by using the facilities provided by cairo-gl-info
+	      gl: Remove GLEW from the build system and the source tree
+	      gl: Fix condition that prevents setting the size of window surfaces
+	Andrea Canciani (179):
+	      test: do not leak resources
+	      image: add _cairo_image_reset_static_data
+	      test: do not leak resources
+	      xcb: Do not return value in void function
+	      quartz: Remove unused argument from _cairo_surface_to_cgimage
+	      quartz: Assert upon invalid enum values
+	      quartz: Check for valid patterns
+	      quartz: Don't typecast surfaces
+	      quartz: Fix function call coding style
+	      quartz: Mark failures as unlikely
+	      quartz: Whitespace cleanup
+	      quartz: Beautify code
+	      quartz: Use NOTHING_TO_DO instead of SUCCESS where appropriate
+	      quartz: Simplify cairo_quartz_surface_create_for_cg_context
+	      quartz: Remove useless code
+	      quartz: Improve handling of surface creation failure
+	      quartz: Improve _cg function types
+	      quartz: Handle failures in _cairo_quartz_setup_fallback_source
+	      test: Make tests run in natural order
+	      test: Add a new test result html page
+	      test: Remove old html infrastructure
+	      test: Update ref images for radial tests
+	      quartz: Remove linear gradient fallback
+	      quartz: Make radial gradients follow PDF specification
+	      quartz: Remove unused code
+	      Add _cairo_rectangle_union
+	      quartz: Improve gradient consistency
+	      quartz: Fix EXTEND_PAD gradients
+	      quartz: Improve gradient quality
+	      quartz: Remove DO_NOTHING and DO_UNSUPPORTED actions
+	      quartz: Set operator when setting up source
+	      quartz: Unify DO_SOLID and DO_PATTERN
+	      quartz: Unify DO_SHADING, DO_IMAGE and DO_TILED_IMAGE
+	      quartz: Move drawing state out of surface
+	      quartz: Cleanup gradient setup functions
+	      quartz: Remove unused imageSurface field
+	      test: Add romedalen images copyright information
+	      test: Fix get-path-extents
+	      path: Replace _cairo_path_fixed_is_equal with _cairo_path_fixed_equal
+	      path: Do not access flags directly
+	      path: Improve hashing
+	      path: Make path equality independent of flags
+	      path: Rename _cairo_path_last_op to _cairo_path_fixed_last_op
+	      path: Add utility functions
+	      path: Simplify close_path
+	      path: Cleanup _cairo_path_fixed_line_to
+	      box: Add box header
+	      box: Add _cairo_box_add_curve_to
+	      path: Move _cairo_path_fixed_add at the end of line_to and curve_to
+	      path: Drop degenerate line_to in _cairo_path_fixed_curve_to
+	      path: New path construction logic
+	      path: Add stroke_is_rectilinear flag
+	      path: Rename fill optimization flags
+	      path: Log flags
+	      path: Cleanup _cairo_path_fixed_transform
+	      path: Cleanup _cairo_path_fixed_iter_at_end
+	      path: Make _cairo_path_fixed_last_op assert on empty path
+	      path: Cleanup close_path
+	      path: Recompute flags in _cairo_path_fixed_translate
+	      path: Transform current_point and last_move_to in _cairo_path_fixed_scale_and_offset
+	      path: Recompute flags in _cairo_path_fixed_scale_and_offset
+	      path: Fix _cairo_path_fixed_transform
+	      path: Replace _cairo_path_fixed_extents_add with _cairo_box_add_point
+	      Fix degenerate arcs
+	      path: Tighten curve_to extents
+	      path-bounder: Simplify code
+	      path: Tighten transformed extents
+	      drm: Do not access path flags directly
+	      path: Solve co-dependency problem
+	      cff: Fixes for 'make check'
+	      script: Fix compilation
+	      quartz-font: Add truetype font table tags accessor
+	      quartz-font: Do not leak CFDataRef's
+	      image: Use correct size for allocation
+	      image: Use correct size for allocation
+	      configure: Correct reporting of tee backend
+	      quartz-font: Implement new load_truetype_table semantics
+	      ps: Fix painting
+	      ps: Fix painting
+	      array: Remove snapshot support
+	      array: Add read-only accessor
+	      array: Cleanup types
+	      configure: Correct reporting of tee backend
+	      Fix degenerate arcs
+	      test: Add romedalen images copyright information
+	      xcb: Do not return value in void function
+	      array: Silence warnings
+	      pdf: Silence compiler warnings
+	      array: Fix comment
+	      test: Add rectilinear-grid
+	      image: Fix compositing of unaligned boxes
+	      image: Fix _pixel_to_solid
+	      test: Fix ref images
+	      test: Add rectilinear-grid
+	      image: Fix compositing of unaligned boxes
+	      test: Fix ref images
+	      test: Handle crashed tests
+	      arc: Avoid infinite loop
+	      arc: Clamp to 65536 full circles
+	      test: Add arc-looping-dash
+	      test: Add arc-infinite-loop
+	      surface: Remove _cairo_surface_fill_rectangle
+	      pdf: Use composite rectangles in fill_stroke
+	      surface: Remove _cairo_surface_*_extents
+	      path: Cleanup unused current_point
+	      path: Always interpret in forward direction
+	      path: Remove support for inverse direction interpretation
+	      fill: Simplify path to polygon conversion
+	      polygon: Merge _cairo_polygon_init and _cairo_polygon_limit
+	      test: Update reference images list
+	      pdf: Use switch instead of multiple if's
+	      ps: Use switch instead of multiple if's
+	      pattern: Specialise signatures of pattern specific functions
+	      pattern: Improve extents computation of radial gradients.
+	      ps, pdf, pattern: Implement _cairo_pattern_alpha_range to analyse patterns.
+	      ps: Avoid unneeded fallbacks for gradients with opaque stops.
+	      pattern: Compute a covering parameter range of a gradient for a box.
+	      pattern: Use pattern parameter range when analysing all gradients.
+	      pattern: Add a function to interpolate gradient objects.
+	      quartz: Unify gradient construction and fix radial gradients.
+	      pdf: Unify gradient emitters and support all extend modes.
+	      ps: Unify gradient emitters and support all extend modes.
+	      ps,pdf: Deal with empty domain gradients.
+	      test: Update ref images
+	      path: Silence warnings
+	      test: Add bug-extents
+	      path-bounder: Update current point after curve_to op
+	      test: Add bug-extents
+	      gl: Fix #include's to pass 'make check'
+	      quartz: Clean up dynamically loaded functions
+	      quartz: Don't dynamically load unused functions
+	      quartz: Use native PDF blend modes
+	      Keep makefiles in alphabetical order
+	      gstate: Disallow incomplete mesh gradient sources
+	      Add mesh gradient rasterizer
+	      script: Add support for mesh patterns
+	      test: Extend pattern-get-type and pattern-getters for mesh patterns
+	      doc: Add documentation for the mesh API
+	      pattern: Remove unused 'opaque' variable
+	      pattern: Use cairo_color_stop_t when hashing gradient stops
+	      pattern: Make functions not used elsewhere static
+	      test: New radial-gradient tests
+	      matrix: Cairo matrix to pixman transform/offset conversion
+	      test: Make huge-* test gradients not within pixed_fixed_t range
+	      pattern: Factor out pattern rescaling
+	      test: Huge means more than MAX_INT
+	      pattern: Use double precision for gradient extreme objects
+	      matrix: Fix warnings about documentation by 'make check'
+	      pattern: Remove unused _cairo_pattern_size function
+	      xcb: Correct handling of index 0 glyphs
+	      xcb: Stricter glyph validation
+	      xcb: Handle a wider range of glyph positions
+	      xlib: Handle a wider range of glyph positions
+	      doc: Add links to flush() and mark_dirty() in direct access functions
+	      test: Add white-in-noop
+	      test: Add missing ref image to REFERENCE_IMAGES
+	      Fix optimization of white IN dest compositing
+	      xcb: Add a short comment to the Picture cache
+	      mesh: Do not declare min and max functions
+	      gl: Ensure that gl surface resizes are properly applied
+	      gl: Update radial gradient implementation
+	      gl: Don't ignore offset for gradient sources
+	      pdf,ps,quartz: Use correct tolerance for gradient domain computation
+	      Add a results.tar.gz target to the test Makefile
+	      test: Fix operator-alpha-alpha
+	      test: Update quartz ref images
+	      quartz: Use standard stack allocation size
+	      quartz: Make huge domain handling more stable
+	      quartz: Do not use opaque patterns as masks
+	      quartz: Cleanup extents computation
+	      quartz: Use CGLayer to implement unbounded operators
+	      quartz: Avoid using private APIs
+	      quartz: Respect pattern filter settings
+	      test: Workaround pixman limits in large-source-roi
+	      Bump pixman requirements to 0.20.2 for radial gradients
+	      clip: Improve _cairo_clip_contains_*
+	      test: Add group-state
+	      gstate: Set an error status when restoring a push_group
+	      gstate: Remove unused code
+	Behdad Esfahbod (2):
+	      Fix typo
+	      Add note re gtk-doc.make
+	Benjamin Otte (4):
+	      build: Don't build cairo-fdr when the tee surface is off
+	      build: Don't build cairo-fdr when the tee surface is off
+	      xlib: Add more _cairo_error() calls
+	      xcb: Add more _cairo_error() calls
+	Carlos Garcia Campos (4):
+	      doc: Add section for recording surface
+	      recording: Add section doc comments
+	      recording: Fix cairo_recording_surface_create() doc comments
+	      recording: Document CAIRO_HAS_RECORDING_SURFACE macro
+	Chris Wilson (31):
+	      version: 1.10.1 open for bugfixing
+	      configure: Fix typo "(requires both --enable-xcb)"
+	      cairo: Remove trailing comma from cairo_device_t
+	      drm: Add missing header file for tarball
+	      version: 1.11.1
+	      image: Silence a compile warning
+	      test: Add a8-clear
+	      image: The a8 in-place span compositing is only valid for SOURCE
+	      Merge branch '1.10'
+	      xcb: Correct a minor typo prevent an assert from firing
+	      xcb: Fix reduction of clipping for bounded glyphs.
+	      xcb,image: Fix a missing clip fini
+	      xcb: Pass clip to composite_glyphs_via_mask
+	      perf: Only print description once per backend
+	      configure: Remove noisy -Wlogical-op
+	      drm/intel: Drop the bo cache.
+	      pdf: Silence compiler for an impossible case
+	      wgl: Use CreateWindowA with an ASCII string
+	      scaled-font: assert that we hold the scaled-font mutex when looking up glyphs
+	      test/arc-infinite-loop: Random return value fun.
+	      gl: Enable PLT symbol hiding for dispatch entries
+	      Add a KNOWN_ISSUES file to track WONTFIX(?) bugs
+	      NEWS: Add entry for 1.10.2
+	      version: Bump for 1.10.2 release
+	      version: Post release version bump
+	      xcb: Apply a clip region for compositing many-pixel-aligned-boxes
+	      xcb: Prefer RenderFillRectangles to perform the deferred clear
+	      Makefile: add missing cairo-box-private.h
+	      Merge branch '1.10' into tmp
+	      NEWS: 1.11.2 snapshot
+	      version: Bump for 1.11.2 snapshot
+	Eric Anholt (1):
+	      gl: Avoid using gl_FragCoord for linear gradients.
+	Erik Zeek (2):
+	      Fix build on gentoo
+	      Fix build on gentoo
+	Jeff Muizelaar (2):
+	      Fix degenerate vertical path bounds.
+	      Sync get-path-extents test with the one on 1.10.
+	Joerg Sonnenberger (2):
+	      LD_PRELOAD is supported on DragonFly.
+	      LD_PRELOAD is supported on DragonFly.
+	Koji Otani (2):
+	      PS: fix embedding of grayscale jpegs
+	      PS: fix embedding of grayscale jpegs
+	Kouhei Sutou (1):
+	      xml: fix a typo to correct the indentation after <path></path>
+	Maarten Bosmans (2):
+	      doc: Add a remark about toy status of the PNG API
+	      doc: Fix some broken references and gtk-doc warnings
+	Markus Stange (2):
+	      Fix type of _cairo_memory_stream_destroy parameter
+	      Fix type of _cairo_memory_stream_destroy parameter
+	Mats Palmgren (1):
+	      win32: Improve error logging
+	Robert O'Callahan (1):
+	      tee: Do not apply two times the master device transform
+	Tim Janik (1):
+	      cairo: docu fix for cairo_set_source_surface
+	Tomá\u0161 Chvátal (1):
+	      Fix posix calls in configure.ac test code.
+	Uli Schlachter (40):
+	      XCB: Fix some weird code
+	      xcb: Fix CAIRO_OPERATOR_IN
+	      xcb: Fix compiler warning about unused result
+	      xcb: Correctly clear the composite surface
+	      _cairo_xcb_surface_ensure_picture: Check fallback
+	      _cairo_xcb_surface_picture: Check for fallback
+	      xcb: Correctly handle ARGB visuals
+	      Add myself to AUTHORS
+	      XCB: Remove an incorrect clipping optimizations
+	      XCB: Move the assert from 5a0f8f7320c916c
+	      XCB: Fix for all unbounded operators
+	      XCB: Use consistent rounding modes for a1 rasterisation.
+	      font options: Add private round_glpyh_positions field
+	      Actually implement round_glpyh_positions
+	      raster backends: Set round_glpyh_positions to ON
+	      Other backends: Set round_glyph_positions to OFF
+	      xcb: Do not access flags directly
+	      xcb: Fix transformation matrix setting
+	      XCB: Check screen size in boilerplate
+	      _cairo_round: Fix documentation
+	      Make both versions of _cairo_lround consistent again
+	      test/README: Change suggested screen size
+	      xcb: Handle deferred_clear in _copy_to_picture
+	      Avoid some unneeded 'is_clear = FALSE'
+	      xcb: Work around wrong extent computation in the X server
+	      xcb: Remove a wrong optimization
+	      XCB: Stop taking the xcb socket
+	      Verify that surfaces leak no snapshots
+	      Detach snapshots after flushing in cairo_surface_finish()
+	      Remove an unused field from cairo_xcb_shm_info_t
+	      Switch the order of two functions in the C file
+	      XCB: Make sure SHM memory isn't reused too early
+	      xcb: Handle events in boilerplate
+	      xcb: Add a define for some magic number
+	      xcb: Only print the first error and ignore subsequent ones
+	      xcb: Check harder for X11 errors in boilerplate
+	      xcb: Check the check for errors in boilerplate
+	      xcb: Fix premature pixmap free in boilerplate cleanup
+	      Add a test case for a bug in the xcb backend
+	      xcb: Don't finish snapshots when they are detached

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