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commit 021d3cd059da6f5e27a3c43c0ca4b040a3756c64
Author: Chris Wilson <chris at chris-wilson.co.uk>
Date:   Fri Oct 5 17:35:07 2012 +0100

    NEWS: cairo-1.12.4

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+[[!meta title="cairo 1.12.4 release available"]]
+[[!meta date="2012-10-05"]]
+	From: Chris Wilson <chris at chris-wilson.co.uk>
+	Date: Fri, 05 Oct 2012 17:31:00 +1000
+	To: cairo-announce at cairographics.org
+	A new cairo release 1.12.4 is now available from:
+		http://cairographics.org/releases/cairo-1.12.4.tar.xz
+	    which can be verified with:
+		http://cairographics.org/releases/cairo-1.12.4.tar.xz.sha1
+		f4158981ed01e73c94fb8072074b17feee61a68b  cairo-1.12.4.tar.xz
+		http://cairographics.org/releases/cairo-1.12.4.tar.xz.sha1.asc
+		(signed by Chris Wilson)
+	  Additionally, a git clone of the source tree:
+		git clone git://git.cairographics.org/git/cairo
+	    will include a signed 1.12.4 tag which points to a commit named:
+		117abd85ac7ff41e484fe0d98f16704ec30abd09
+	    which can be verified with:
+		git verify-tag 1.12.4
+	    and can be checked out with a command such as:
+		git checkout -b build 1.12.4
+	Release 1.12.4 (2012-10-05 Chris Wilson <chris at chris-wilson.co.uk>)
+	===================================================================
+	More bugs, and more importantly, more fixes. On the cairo-gl side, we
+	have refinements to the MSAA compositor which enables hardware
+	acceleration of comparitively low-quality antialiasing - which is useful
+	in animations and on very high density screens. For cairo-xlib, we have
+	finally enabled SHM transport for image transfers to and from the X
+	server. A long standing required feature, SHM transport offers a notable
+	reduction in rendering latency by reducing the number of copies
+	required to upload image data - given hardware and driver support,
+	cairo-xlib can now perform zero copy uploads onto the GPU. And as usual
+	Adrian Johnson has been very busy fixing many different corner cases in
+	cairo-pdf, impoving opacity groups and font subsetting. Last, but not
+	least, for cairo-image S=F8ren Sandmann Pedersen added support for
+	rendering glyphs to pixman and using that from within cairo. The new
+	glyph rendering facility reduces the overhead for setting up the
+	compositing operation, improving glyph thoughput for the image backend
+	by a factor of about 4. And before he did so, he also fixed up a few
+	bugs in the existing glyph rendering code. So many thanks to Andrea
+	Canciani, Adrian Johnson, Chuanbo Weng, Dongyeon Kim, Henry Song, Martin
+	Robinson, S=F8ren Sandmann Pedersen and Uli Schlachter for their
+	contributions, finding and fixing bugs.
+	-Chris
+	Bug fixes
+	---------
+	 Interior boxes were being dropped when amalgamating regions during
+	 tesselation.
+	 https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=49446
+	 Allow building without gtk-doc installed
+	 Invalid edge generation whilst reducing complex polygons.
+	 https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=50852
+	 Stroking around tight cusps
+	 Use locale correct formats for reading font subsetting and valid
+	 buffers.
+	 https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=51443
+	 Ensure that the type1 subset includes all the glyph encodings
+	 https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=53040
+	 Upload the whole source for a repeating pattern.
+	 https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=51910
+	 Fix damage tracking to handle continuation chunks corectly and so
+	 prevent crashes on win32.
+	 https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=53384
+	 Avoid emitting miter joins for degenerate line segments
+	 https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=407107
+	 Convert the relative path semgents into the backend coordinates
+	 and then back again to user coordinates (cairo_copy_path,
+	 cairo_append_path)
+	 https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=54732
+	=20
+	 Fix extents computations for a degenerate path consisting only of a
+	 move-to
+	 https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=54549
+	 Prevent crashing on a degenerate project edge after polygon
+	 intersection
+	 https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=54822
+	List of all changes since 1.12.2
+	--------------------------------
+	Adrian Johnson (12):
+	      pdf: check if EXTEND_PAD group can be painted with EXTEND_NONE
+	      pdf: fix smask gradient bbox
+	      ps: check if EXTEND_PAD group can be painted with EXTEND_NONE
+	      pdf: merge _emit_recording_surface and _emit_recording_subsurface into the one function
+	      pdf: Don't use extents when acquiring a RASTER_SOURCE pattern
+	      pdf: fix the offset of padded images
+	      cff-subsetting: Ignore charset for non cid fonts
+	      cff: convert '.' to locale specific decimal point before using sscanf
+	      cff: use correct size for buffer
+	      cff: initialise variable to prevent valgrind warning
+	      cff subsetting: widths can be floating point
+	      type1 subset: ensure encoding includes all glyphs
+	Alexandros Frantzis (2):
+	      gl: Simplify GL wrap parameter setting code
+	      gl: Provide a shader implementation of repeat wrap modes
+	Andrea Canciani (15):
+	      build: Allow autogen-eration on systems without GTK-doc
+	      build: Do not replace existing files
+	      png: Implement conversion of CAIRO_FORMAT_RGB30 to string
+	      surface: Define private map/unmap functions
+	      surface: Make map_to_image return cairo_image_surface_t*
+	      surface: Make backend-specific map/unmap functions symmetric
+	      surface: Only use non-NULL extents for internal mapping
+	      surface: Use the internal map/unmap
+	      quartz: Silence warning
+	      quartz: Mark surfaces created clear as is_clear
+	      quartz: Provide a valid implementation of map_to_image
+	      quart-image: Fix compilation
+	      xcb: Fix make check
+	      quartz: Use the correct transform when replaying recording surfaces
+	      test: Add degenerate closed path case to get-path-extents
+	Behdad Esfahbod (2):
+	      [util/malloc-stats] Use tighter spacing.
+	      Fix malloc-stats for newer glibc
+	Chris Wilson (129):
+	      version: Post release bump to 1.12.3
+	      snapshot: Hold a reference to target whilst querying
+	      snapshot: Avoid triggering assertion for grabbing the target during destroy
+	      Split finish into multiple stages
+	      damage: Avoid freeing the NIL error object
+	      damage: Prevent accumulating damage to an error object
+	      damage: Prevent reducing an error object
+	      gl: Reject SOURCE + mask in composite_boxes()
+	      test: Fix tighten-bounds reference images
+	      spans-compositor: Handle unaligned unbounded boxes
+	      spans-compositor: Add tracepoints for debugging
+	      traps,spans-compositor: Avoid mistreating unaligned clips as aligned
+	      spans: Only fallback for a clipmask if unbounded
+	      clip: Apply clip boxes to the clip surface
+	      arc: Use user endpoint for final step
+	      spans: Debug input paths and polygons
+	      stroke: Don't drop clockwise==0 lines
+	      image: Tidy lerp8x4
+	      win32: Fix return value for cairo_time_get
+	      wideint: Fix compilation failure for bare use of uint64_t for !HAVE_UINT64_T
+	      test: Fix leak from xcb-snapshort-assert
+	      gl: Replace vbo with static allocation and immediate arrays
+	      test: Exercise rectangular bo bug
+	      bo-rectangular: Emit subsummed boxes for overlapping edges
+	      test: Refresh unbounded-operator
+	      test/record90: Rotate the reference so that it is wholly visible
+	      test: Increase surface size for get-path-extents
+	      gl: Use core GL_STENCIL8_DEPTH24 for gl_flavor=desktop
+	      image: Propagate errors from clone_subimage
+	      surface: Kill imagesurf temporary variable
+	      gl: Do no access ctx after release during map-to-image
+	      test: Restore bug-seams reference
+	      image: Upconvert glyphs through a WHITE source when adding to the glyph mask
+	      image: silence make check
+	      surface: Eliminate PLT entries for map-to-image
+	      gl: Add missing cairo-private to _cairo_gl_composite_with_clip
+	      surface: replace map-to-image clone's use of user_data with parent pointer
+	      Erradicate internal use of cairo_surface_get_content()
+	      Erradicate internal use of cairo_surface_get_type()
+	      composite-rectangles,scaled-font: Use accurate extents if the font is broken
+	      scaled-font: Take lock around disposing of an empty page upon alloc failure
+	      spans-compositor: After polygon intersection the fill rule is always non-zero
+	      tor-scan-converter: Always recompute min-height following edge removal
+	      polygon-reduce: Reduce broken stopped-edge continuation
+	      image: Fix up glyphs compositing
+	      gl: Trim the glyph mask to the operation extents
+	      test: Exercise bug in joining together spline segments around cusps
+	      stroke: Use round-joins near inflection points of splines
+	      stroke: Skip inserting a round-join if within tolerance
+	      ft: Indentation fixup for _get_bitmap_surface()
+	      boilerplate/gl: Round fractional window sizes up
+	      test: Add a simple exercise for raster sampling of subpixel geometry
+	      test: Add example from bug-51910
+	      xlib: If a sample accesses outside of a repeating image, upload it all
+	      gl: Add the compile fix that I forgot to add to the previous commit
+	      perf/chart: Render a solid bar if the column is too narrow for the gradient
+	      gl: Fallback for copy_boxes if src/dst do not belong to the same device
+	      trace: Fix propagation of CAIRO_TRACE_OUTDIR to children
+	      egl: s/EGL_KHR_surfaceless_opengl/EGL_KHR_surfaceless_context/
+	      gl: Remove unused variable
+	      xlib: Silence compiler warning
+	      gl: Use a wide texture ramp to emulate a linear step function
+	      gl: Fudge gradient color generation to handle multiple stops at 0
+	      damage: Update tail pointer after allocating new chunk
+	      skia: Compile fix for changes to map-to-image
+	      image: Temporarily resurrect the old non-pixman glyph compositor
+	      xlib: Implement SHM fallbacks and fast upload paths
+	      tor22: Add a simple method to quickly compute coverage (with saturation)
+	      configure: Restore previous pixman required version of 0.22.0
+	      xlib/shm: Fix up the shrinking of the priority queue
+	      xcb: Migrate to the common mempool implementation
+	      xlib/shm: Propagate the last-request to the synchronous create
+	      xlib/shm: Limit use of the impromptu fallback pixmap for uploads
+	      xlib/shm: Use an impromptu upload ShmSegment
+	      xlib/shm: Clear the similar image surface
+	      xlib: Only use CopyArea if the ShmPixmap and destination are the same depth
+	      xlib/shm: Avoid using a synchronous ShmCreatePixmap if evading the readback
+	      xlib/shm: Wrap the detection of shm with locking
+	      xlib/shm: Fix runtime checking of has-shm-pixmaps for !shm case
+	      xlib/shm: Mark the ShmPixmap as active following an upload flush
+	      xlib: Drop the false optimisation of using a potentially busy shm upload pixmap
+	      ft: Only use a specified font filename if its accessible
+	      xlib: Move the shm cleanup from CloseDisplay to finish()
+	      tests: Add outline-tolerance
+	      stroker: Avoid emitting a miter join for across an elided degenerate segment
+	      ft: Report FILE_NOT_FOUND if creating a font with a specified nonexistent file
+	      cairo-script: Attempt to fallback for unresolved patterns
+	      xlib/shm: Use a genuine event rather than an open-ended request
+	      xlib/shm: Only check if we are expecting an event
+	      xlib/shm: Reduce the frequency at which we emit events
+	      xlib/shm: Add missing release of the display after GetImage
+	      compositor: Skip invisible strokes
+	      stroke: Skip spline evaluation when stroking to a polygon
+	      pen: Use bisection to speed up vertex finding
+	      stroke: Use new pen vertex range finders
+	      stroke: Precompute the line half-width
+	      stroke: Convert a very small round-join into a miter
+	      stroke: Convert fallback stroker to new pen vertex finder
+	      stroke: Compute bounds for fallback stroker (typically dashing)
+	      bentley-ottman: Remove a few superfluous status propagation
+	      bentley-ottmann: Only check the pairs of coordinates for equality.
+	      bentley-ottmann:  hint that the insertion compare function should be inlined
+	      bentley-ottmann: Cache the most recent edge colinearity check
+	      xlib/shm: Masquerade as an ordinary ShmCompletionEvent
+	      default-context: Convert the relative path segments into the backend coordinates
+	      path: Update last_move_point after move-to
+	      image: Check for an error surface before dereferencing the backend
+	      xlib/shm: Explicitly release shm surface if we do not own the pixmap
+	      context: Add missing functions to transform between user and backend coordinates
+	      path: Convert from backend coordinates back into user coordinates
+	      xcb: Always flush the fallback damage to foreign drawables
+	      xlib: Fix regression in cairo_xlib_surface_set_drawable()
+	      xlib: Explicitly discard the fallback shm pixmap upon user modification
+	      xlib: Force the fallback flush before updating the external Drawable
+	      xlib: Do not call _cairo_xlib_surface_flush directly
+	      xlib: Destroy the fallback damage along with the fallback surface
+	      test: Add clip-disjoint-quad
+	      polygon-intersect: Exclude non-overlapping clip boxes from consideration
+	      spans-compositor: Use the tight clip-boxes for polygon construction
+	      composite-rectangles: Update unbounded (clip extents) after reducing clip
+	      test: Refresh reference image for clip-disjoint-quad
+	      spans-compositor: Remove polygon limits after construction
+	      tor: Fudge the edge if it is projected into a point
+	      recording: Perform an explicit during snapshot
+	      stroke: Remove redundant code for computing culling extents
+	      test: Refresh reference images for slight alteration of curves
+	      xlib/shm: Discard SHM surfaces upon CloseDisplay
+	      win32: Compile fix for mismatched surface types
+	      1.12.4 release
+	Chuanbo Weng (7):
+	      gl: fix the translate value in copy_boxes.
+	      gl: Convert CLEAR to DEST_OUT when there's a mask for composite_boxes.
+	      gl: Do correct translation and lerp in gl-traps-compositor.
+	      gl: Set correct clip rectangle for non-texture destination surfaces
+	      gl: Set correct operation extents.
+	      gl: Create a new texture surface if the source surface type is gl-window
+	      gl: copy_boxes() does not support copying from a non-texture source
+	Daniel Stone (1):
+	      Fix broken XRender ARGB32 formats
+	Dongyeon Kim (1):
+	      gl: Set is_clear flag to FALSE after map_to_image
+	Henry (Yu) Song (8):
+	      gl/msaa: Prevent stroke overlap
+	      gl/msaa: Support for texture sources
+	      gl/msaa: Support for masking
+	      gl/msaa: Add support for unbounded operators
+	      gl/msaa: Add ARB multisampling support
+	      gl/msaa: Implement paint via masking
+	      gl/msaa: Use unsigned short to build the index array
+	      gl/msaa: Support the OpenGLES EXT multisampling extension
+	Henry (Yu) Song - SISA (2):
+	      clip: Transform clip path in _cairo_clip_intersect_clip_path_transformed()
+	      quartz: Never acquire recording surfaces
+	Henry Song (5):
+	      subsurface: Disable subsurface-set-snapshot as it creates a ref cycle
+	      gl: generate correct gradient color texture
+	      gl: Destroy glyph cache surface during finish
+	      gl: translate proper matrix depending up type of gl_operand
+	      gl: use absolute value for color difference between gradient stops
+	Martin Robinson (9):
+	      gl/msaa: Support for non-texture surfaces
+	      gl/msaa: Wait to clip until compositing begins
+	      gl/msaa: Implement glyph rendering
+	      gl/msaa: Lazily flush the context
+	      gl/msaa: Improve fallback detection
+	      gl: Simplify switching between primitive types
+	      gl: Fix compilation failure for flush cleanup.
+	      gl: Remove the shader language version abstraction
+	      gl: Add a non-thread-aware mode for GL devices
+	S=F8ren Sandmann Pedersen (4):
+	      Use pixman glyphs
+	      Revert "Use pixman glyphs"
+	      image: Fix bugs related to glyph mask creation
+	      Use the new pixman_glyph_cache_t API that will be in pixman 0.28.0
+	Uli Schlachter (18):
+	      Remove some unused functions
+	      Remove some dead code
+	      check-doc-syntax: Make this work again
+	      check-doc-syntax: Find duplicate "Since:" tags
+	      c_surface_set_mime_data: Remove duplicate "Since"
+	      xcb: Handle recording surfaces differently
+	      xcb: Correctly handle a recording surface's extents
+	      Fix make check
+	      Remove an unimplemented function declaration
+	      xcb: Fix a warn_unused_result warning
+	      xcb: Remove unimplemented cairo compositor
+	      xcb: Switch to compositor architecture
+	      xcb: Verify extension support before sending
+	      xcb: Check the right flag for FillRectangles
+	      xcb: Check if traps are supported before using them
+	      xcb: Add a missing check for FillRectangles
+	      surface: Check reference count right before free
+	      mark_dirty: Check surface status
+	Weng Xuetian (1):
+	      xlib: Reset fallback counter when discarding the fallback
+	Yuanhan Liu (2):
+	      gl: use _cairo_gl_operand_copy to fix unblanced reference count
+	      configure.ac: remove annoying change of INSTALL file

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