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Author: Chris Wilson <chris at chris-wilson.co.uk>
Date:   Wed Jan 16 21:06:28 2013 +0000

    NEWS for cairo-1.12.10

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+[[!meta title="cairo 1.12.10 release available"]]
+[[!meta date="2013-01-16"]]
+	From: Chris Wilson <chris at chris-wilson.co.uk>
+	Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2013 21:03:00 +0000
+	To: cairo-announce at cairographics.org
+	Release 1.12.10 (2013-01-16 Chris Wilson <chris at chris-wilson.co.uk>)
+	===================================================================
+	A heap of bug fixes everywhere, and the gradual completion of the MSAA
+	backend for cairo-gl. Perhaps the most noteworthy set of the bugfixes
+	was the crusage lead by Behdad Eshfabod to make font handling by
+	pango/cairo/fontconfig fully threadsafe. This testing revealed a couple
+	of races that needed fixing in Cairo's scaled-font and glyph cache.
+	Bug fixes
+	---------
+	  Append coincident elements to the recording's surface bbtree so that
+	  the list is not corrupted and the overlapping elements lost.
+	  Fix cairo-trace to correctly record map-to-image/unmap-image and then
+	  replay them.
+	  Ignore MappingNotifies when running the XCB testsuite as they are sent
+	  to all clients when the keyboard changes. The testsuite would detect
+	  the unexpected event and complain.
+	  Handle very large large images in the XCB backend.
+	  Fix a memory leak in the xlib/shm layer, and prevent use of the SHM
+	  surfaces after the display is closed.
+	  https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi
+	  Handle resizing of bitmap fonts, in preparation for a fix to
+	  fontconfig to correctly pass on the user request for scaling.
+	  Always include subroutine 4 (hint replacement idion) when subsetting
+	  type 1 fonts in order to prevent a crash in cgpdftops on Mac OS/X
+	  Fix a couple of typos in the cairo-gobject.h header files for
+	  introspection.
+	  Prevent a mutex deadlock when freeing a scaled-glyph containing a
+	  recording-surface that itself references another scaled-glyph.
+	  https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=54950
+	  Make scaled-font cache actually thread-safe and prevent
+	  use-after-frees.
+	  Restore support for older versions of XRender. A couple of typos and a
+	  few forgotten chunks prevented the xlib compositor from running
+	  correctly with XRender < 0.10. Note that there are still a few
+	  regressions remaining.
+	Complete list of changes from 1.12.8 to 1.12.10
+	-----------------------------------------------
+	Adam Jackson (1):
+	      xlib/shm: Fix memory leak
+	Adrian Johnson (1):
+	      doc: Add CAIRO_MIME_TYPE_UNIQUE_ID to list of supported mime types
+	Alejandro G. Castro (1):
+	      gl/msaa: Avoid the stencil buffer when possible during masking
+	Behdad Esfahbod (3):
+	      [Minor] Improve logging
+	      [ft] Remove ancient check for FT_Bitmap_Size.y_ppem
+	      [ft] Fix resizing of bitmap fonts
+	Chris Wilson (50):
+	      version: Post-release bump to 1.12.9
+	      trace: Fix operand emission for map-to-image and unmap-image
+	      trace: Do not forcibly add surfaces to the dictionary
+	      script: Fix map-to-image/unmap stack manipulations
+	      mempool: Reduce the assertion into an alignment adjustment for the base
+	      xlib/shm: Populate send_event and serial
+	      xlib/shm: Rate-limit events and only use as necessary
+	      xlib/shm: Do not trigger a surplus event from XShmPutImage
+	      Revert "xlib/shm: Do not trigger a surplus event from XShmPutImage"
+	      perf/chart: Show the geometric average as an extra column
+	      perf/chart: Contract the default output filenames
+	      gl: Use vfunc for vertex emission
+	      gl: Provide a fast emitter for solid glyphs
+	      gl: Provide a fast emitter for solid spans
+	      xlib/shm: Fix typo in creation of a SHM image
+	      xlib: Use SHM transport for ordinary image uploads
+	      stroke: Make the incremental trapezoid stroker optionally available again
+	      xlib: Avoid copying the source twice if it is an image
+	      scaled-font: Mention ownership of returned object from get_font_face()
+	      Add missing local slim proto for cairo_recording_surface_create
+	      gobject: Fix my typo s/TEST/TEXT/ in the previous commit
+	      script: Recompress strings using LZO whilst binding traces
+	      xlib/shm: Only mark the shm pixmap as active if we upload into it
+	      xlib: Simplify source creation by use of map-to-image
+	      image: Call pixman without a mask for opaque regions of inplace_spans
+	      script: Attempt to decompress images in place
+	      script: Simply exchange source/dest images for _set_source_image
+	      script: Thaw the scaled font cache on the error path
+	      scaled-font: Always hold the mutex even for single glyph probes
+	      scaled-font: Free the cached glyphs from the font before taking the global lock
+	      scaled-font: Assert if attempting to finish a frozen font
+	      scaled-font: Hold the scaled font mutex whilst reaping from the global cache
+	      xlib/shm: Discard damage upon shm finish
+	      xlib/shm: Only destroy an existing damage
+	      scaled-font: Remove a non-threadsafe double-freeze assert
+	      image: Allocate a temporary buffer for inline span composition
+	      scaled-font: Make reset-font-cache threadsafe
+	      scaled-font: Fix use after free when clearing the glyph cache
+	      gstate: Use the polygon intermediate for geometry queries
+	      stroke: Flip the dev slope as well for computing the cusp on a degeneracy
+	      xlib: map-to-image requires an extents
+	      xcb: _cairo_scaled_font_reset_cache does it own locking
+	      xlib: Only fallback through the mask intermediate if we can composite the mask
+	      xlib: Handle lack of XRenderFillRectangles
+	      compositor: Convert image surface into backend source
+	      compositor: Pass back the internal failure
+	      xlib: Initialise Pixmap for proxy sources
+	      script: Set decompression length prior to calling decompressors
+	      1.12.10 release
+	      version: Post-release bump to 1.12.11
+	Chuanbo Weng (2):
+	      gl/msaa: Use GL_IMG_multisampled_render_to_texture when available
+	      gl: Support the GL_IMG_texture_npot extension
+	David Maxwell (1):
+	      type1-subset: always include subroutine 4 (hint replacement idiom)
+	Henry Song (6):
+	      gl: Flush context upon evicting a gradient
+	      gl/msaa: Also setmsaa_active to true for non-texture surfaces
+	      gl: Properly disable ctx->spans when necessary
+	      gl/msaa: Add full support for masking with the SOURCE operator
+	      gl/msaa: Only clear parts of the stencil buffer we will use
+	      gl: Support for non-texture sources and masks
+	Kouhei Sutou (2):
+	      gobject: Add the correct macro name for the hint-metrics type
+	      gobject: Fix "text_cluster_flags_get_type" typo
+	Martin Robinson (11):
+	      gl/msaa: Share the depth/stencil buffer among all surfaces
+	      gl: Add BGRA download support for GLES2
+	      Revert "gl/msaa: Share the depth/stencil buffer among all surfaces"
+	      gl: Cleanup selection of multisampling mode
+	      boilerplate/glx: Add a target with multisampling and stencil support
+	      gl: Better handling of clear surfaces
+	      gl: Do less work when acquiring and releasing devices
+	      gl/msaa: No need to set the clip when masking
+	      gl/msaa: Rely on the stencil buffer to cache the clip
+	      gl/msaa: Check for more extensions before using MSAA
+	      gl: Follow up fix for the previous commit
+	Uli Schlachter (4):
+	      boilerplate-xcb: Ignore MappingNotify events
+	      context: Use recording surfaces for unbounded groups
+	      test: Add xcb-huge-subimage
+	      xcb: Fix xcb-huge-subimage
+	Zozó Teki (1):
+	      recording: Append new elements to the end of the bbtree chain

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