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    examples: Drop the monkey example
    The size of this image dominates the page too much, and is a fairly
    primitive example of gradients at this point anyway.

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@@ -26,9 +26,7 @@ companion module named cairockscffi is also available.
 Bezier gradients, also known as type 6/7 gradients in PS/PDF parlance, are
 incredibly power tools. Using a patchwise 2D cubic Bezier surface allows
 them to construct any of the lesser gradients such as linear, conical and
-radial, and the flexibility to do so much more. One example, Adrian
-Johnson gives is the ability to create realistic shading of a complex
-object: [[!img "monkey.png" link="no"]]
+radial, and the flexibility to do so much more.
 # Small demos

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