[cairo-commit] 2 commits - src/cairo-arc.c

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Sat Sep 23 11:10:18 UTC 2023

 src/cairo-arc.c |    3 +++
 1 file changed, 3 insertions(+)

New commits:
commit 86d7025af513ac012961cfc6fdee99249342b8e7
Merge: ed86d953a 09643ee1a
Author: Emmanuele Bassi <ebassi at gmail.com>
Date:   Sat Sep 23 11:10:16 2023 +0000

    Merge branch 'wip-fix-352' into 'master'
    Avoid assert when drawing arcs with NaN angles
    Closes #352
    See merge request cairo/cairo!515

commit 09643ee1abdd5daacebfcb564448f29be9a79bac
Author: Tim Serong <tserong at suse.com>
Date:   Tue Sep 19 18:18:28 2023 +1000

    Avoid assert when drawing arcs with NaN angles
    I hit the problem with _cairo_arc_in_direction() failing the
    angle_max >= angle_min assertion earlier this year when using
    Thunderbird on openSUSE Tumbleweed.  Thunderbird would crash
    when rendering some (but not all) HTML email due to this
    assert.  For some reason, one of the angles passed in was
    NaN.  Making _cairo_arc_in_direction() return immediately if
    either angle is not finite fixed the problem for me, but I
    don't know enough about the internals of Cairo to know if
    this is, strictly speaking, the "right" fix.  Also, having
    tested again today _without_ this change applied, I am now
    no longer able to reproduce the problem :-/  I still have the
    same version of Cairo installed (1.17.8), but various other
    packages on that system have been updated in the meantime,
    so maybe that's a factor.  Or maybe I'm just lucky and
    haven't hit a "bad" HTML email this time...?
    Fixes: https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/cairo/cairo/-/issues/352
    Signed-off-by: Tim Serong <tserong at suse.com>

diff --git a/src/cairo-arc.c b/src/cairo-arc.c
index 1c891d1a0..010b9c1a7 100644
--- a/src/cairo-arc.c
+++ b/src/cairo-arc.c
@@ -188,6 +188,9 @@ _cairo_arc_in_direction (cairo_t	  *cr,
     if (cairo_status (cr))
+    if (! ISFINITE (angle_max) || ! ISFINITE (angle_min))
+        return;
     assert (angle_max >= angle_min);
     if (angle_max - angle_min > 2 * M_PI * MAX_FULL_CIRCLES) {

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