[Cairo] Text API (was: Color transforms)

Thorsten.Behrens at Sun.COM Thorsten.Behrens at Sun.COM
Mon Jul 21 08:08:33 PDT 2003

Today, Owen wrote:

> So, you have to draw the line somewhere. Perhaps a "draw these glyphs
> here, and here's the original text" API makes sense, though.
That's an option, although not a very clean one.

> There's also the question of bidirectional text output.
> Going back from visual output order to the logical order isn't
> always possible and is always tricky.
The original character string should be sufficient, according to our local
scripting expert. This string is of course in the logical order.

BTW: I assume you're all on this list, so I dropped the superfluous
cc-ing, okay?



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