[Cairo] py-cairo example & Context save/restore quesiton

Jesse Andrews jdandr2 at uky.edu
Thu Nov 13 22:49:04 PST 2003


I hacked a quick Lindenmayer system for cairo using the python-cairo 
port by jamesh.


python-cairo worked pretty good except for the fact that saving and 
restoring state in a context seem to take "forver" (in the sense that 
doing that hundreds of times in a update took seconds) and the fact that 
the state doesn't seem to be stored.

Is the state (rotate/translation/position) stored just as in the 
postscript model or is this a different idea?

( Note: python-cairo & cairo are currently out of sync, so compiling 
took some commenting out source of python-cairo )

Jesse Andrews

ps. jamesh great work on the wrappers...  excellent work like pygtk :)

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