[Cairo] RIP, CRASH, BURN and a GUI

Jesse Andrews jdandr2 at uky.edu
Fri Nov 21 15:37:38 PST 2003

I added a quick GUI to the lindenmayer system...

grab it: http://tux4kids.net/~jdandr2/cairo/

But be careful if you intend to use CLS!  LSystems tend to grow 
exponentially!  Thus if you put an exponentially large LSystem to be 
rendered, it CAN (and has!) crashed X (at least on my system!)

If you wish to reproduce the crash, just say 8 iterations, and do a 
production like: f->f[+f]ffffffffff

If that doesn't work, play around or email me... I am not going to try 
to crash it again since I lost some work that I need to recreate ... 
(not blaming ... cairo is pre-alpha ... my stupidity ...)

Pretty sure it wasn't my code, because I doubt python on its own can 
crash X ... but funnier things have happened...

Besides that have fun!


ps. right now the gui is limited to 1 production rules (ie. no Peano 
Curves right now!)

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