[Cairo] Re: Patch for cairo --without-x

James Henstridge james at daa.com.au
Thu Nov 27 06:59:59 PST 2003

On 27/11/03 22:39, John Ellson wrote:

> James Henstridge wrote:
>> If we decide to require automake >= 1.7 to build Cairo from CVS 
>> (which I highly recommend), then it should be pretty easy to 
>> conditionally install the cairo-xlib.h with syntax like this:
>> include_HEADERS = cairo.h
>> libcairo_la_SOURCES = ...
>> include_HEADERS += cairo-xlib.h
>> libcairo_la_SOURCES += cairo_xlib_surface.c
>> endif 
> This conditional make feature also works in automake-1.6.   We use it 
> in graphviz.
> It solves the problem that you want "make dist" to recurse into all 
> directories, but
> that you only conditionally want to make the targets in some of them 
> based on
> a configure switch.

Are you sure?  Whenever I tried using the += syntax inside a conditional 
with automake 1.6, I ended up with a broken Makefile (the += got changed 
to a normal equals, and would override the original definition of the 
variable).  It didn't raise an error, but it also didn't work.


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