[Cairo] mouse pointer and cairo

Thomas Hunger info at teh-web.de
Sun Oct 12 16:29:56 PDT 2003

I changed cairo in a way to allow geometrically correct cairo_in_stroke 
function calls.
a new tarball and some notes can be found here:
It works, but I do not like the api this way, any ideas?

Since a user interface usually updates on button presses, and quite often also 
on mouse moves (prelight) I think a "what would be if" stroke that does not 
close a path would be a bad idea, because the programmer would want to 
compose the entire image without painting, just for testing if a mouse is 
somewhere inside. Then one would have to close each path manually since the 
cairo_in_stroke fucntion does not close it.
Again just some thoughts, I am a starter, so please tell if I head in the 
wrong direction.

p.s. when I learn to use the diff and patch tool I can send patches next time.

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