[Cairo] Re: [PATCH] new virtualized font interface

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Mon Oct 20 07:15:45 PDT 2003

Around 23 o'clock on Oct 19, graydon hoare wrote:

> now it includes some simple iconv-based utf8 -> ucs2 -> glyph code,

let's replace this part with hard-coded utf8->ucs4->glyph code; iconv is 
mass overkill for a mechanical translation of this nature.  Fontconfig 
already has the necessary ucs4->glyph translation functions, so all that's 
needed are utf8->ucs4 conversion functions which can be found in Xft (or 
many other libraries).

I'd like to also take a look at how to integrate the client-side FT code 
with Render accelerated text, the goal is to make these two paths share as 
much as possible.


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