[Cairo] make error with cvs cairo

Carol Spears carol at gimp.org
Wed Sep 17 18:03:03 PDT 2003

Keith Packard wrote:

>Around 14 o'clock on Sep 16, Carl Worth wrote:
>>That would let us drop all #includes from cairo.h except for
>>fontconfig. To get rid of that, we just need to decide the header file
>>in which those functions belong. Should the graphics backend imply a
>>specific text backend? Or does the user want to be able to select both
>>of those independently?
>No, it's not graphics-backend specific, it's OS specific.  On Windows, the 
>PDF backend will use Windows font functions, while on Linux, it will use 
>Fontconfig.  The goal is to make font selection output-device independent, 
>but match font selection on a particular OS, which means that it will be 
>While the 'toy' API won't expose any OS-dependent interfaces, it's also 
>not anticipated that "real" applications will be able to survive using 
>only those functions, so they'll always need access to suitable interfaces.
>We could create os-specific header files and move os-dependent interfaces 
>to those files.  That would eliminate 'random' namespace polution; while 
>Fontconfig and FreeType are relatively polite about names, OSX and Windows 
>are far less careful.  We'd need consistent names for header files, and 
>we'd want to avoid colliding with the output device header files.  Perhaps 
>we'll need something like:
>	#include <cairo.h>
>	#include <cairo-font-freetype.h>
>	#include <cairo-output-windows.h>
>Suggestions in this area are welcome; huge file names aren't my favorite, 
>but creating new subdirectories also seems like a bad plan.

this way they can change it without it needing a new name in this app.


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