[cairo] RFC the idea of n-plane color support

Ross McFarland rwmcfa1 at neces.com
Sun Jun 20 17:51:16 PDT 2004

attached is a patch that changes the color path in cairo allowing
arbitrary data to be passed through.

the rgb apis are still intact and all of the tests (cairo-demo etc.)
seem to be happy. obviously none of the current backends support
anything other than rgb, but this concept (more than actual
implementation) would allow backends to do so. 

my thoughts are that cairo doesn't know or care anything about color, it
just passes it through, so why not have a generic path so that any type
of color could be passed through. (leave it up to the app and the
backend to determine how the data is interpreted.) 

i do think the existing rgb color api's should still exist (as they'd be
used > 95% of the time,) but i can come up with a few uses for being
able to do others. (at least a few things that i'd like to play with.) 

questions/comments welcome and appreciated.
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