[cairo] GTKCairo development

Christof Petig christof at petig-baender.de
Mon May 3 23:58:05 PDT 2004

Carl Worth schrieb:
> On Mon, 3 May 2004 17:48:59 -0700 (PDT), Jon Smirl wrote:
>>If instead you think we need some text support in Cairo so that it can be
>>blended with other things, then that text support should be Pango, not just a
>>partial support of text for convenient languages like English.
> The Cairo API described above is not restricted to any language. Any
> glyph from any font can be rendered at any location.
> Owen did decry the "toy" API in cairo. This is just a simple interface
> to accept a string of UTF-8 characters and a single coordinate. It lays
> the characters next to each other, (in an unspecified fashion).
> This "toy" API only exists so that we can write "Hello World" programs
> without needing a library like pango to lay the text out for us. Owen is
> absolutely right that it should never be used by a real GTK+ program
> that has access to pango.

Are there any plans/patches on/for writing a cairo backend for pango? 
Since the current pango CVS does not include a single 'cairo' this looks 
like a discussion about vaporware.

I totally agree with the plan to use pango atop of cairo but when is it 
going to get realized? I think cairo and pango are mature enough to do 
such an effort. (?)


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