[cairo] [PATCH] xsvg - support png to stdout using "-" filename

Carl Worth cworth at east.isi.edu
Tue May 4 09:00:00 PDT 2004

On Fri, 16 Apr 2004 12:36:19 -0400, John Ellson wrote:
> This proposed change to xsvg adds support for a special case filename
> of "-" to mean stdout when used with the -p option.

Thanks John. I've now committed this (actually about a week ago).

In the meantime, we've now got another approach for the same problem.

I've recently committed a new program, svg2png, to the cairographics.org
CVS server. This is a very simple program for rendering an SVG image to
a PNG image. It doesn't have any direct X dependency like xsvg has, so
it may be used with cairo compiled with only the png and image backends.

Usage is quite simple:

	svg2png input.svg output.png

Of course, for either filename, "-" can be used to indicate stdin/out.

svg2png does depend on libsvg-cairo and libsvg. I've now moved these
libraries from xsvg.org to cairographics.org, (since they also don't
have any X dependencies).


PS. This was my first chance to try out the PNG backend. It had a bug or
two that were fixed easily enough, and it now seems to be working quite

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