[cairo] GTKCairo development

Christof Petig christof at petig-baender.de
Wed May 5 01:33:22 PDT 2004

Sorry Owen,

I did not take it as determined as it now seems.

Owen Taylor schrieb:
> On Tue, 2004-05-04 at 02:58, Christof Petig wrote:
>>Are there any plans/patches on/for writing a cairo backend for pango? 
>>Since the current pango CVS does not include a single 'cairo' this looks 
>>like a discussion about vaporware.
> What I said earlier on the thread was:
> : Here what we need is Pango/Cairo integration ... obviously that is a
> : fairly big job, but since we have a real font system, spending effort
> : integrating GTK+ with the toy font system is a bit weird. It's on my
> : roadmap, but probably will take a while yet. If someone else wanted to
> : play around with that, that would be great.

take a while to me sounded like "some years". Which I call vaporware 
without a guilty conscience.

> The work I'm going to be doing over the next month or so ... adding
> affine transformation APIs to Pango, integrating Pango with gnome-print,
> will cover a lot of the same ground and hopefully will make doing Cairo
> integration pretty trival.

Now I realize that the toy api is going to be replaced by pango and this 
fact seems accepted by the core cairo developers (didn't get that 
impression before). I really love pango but to me it seemed that the 
dependency on another library "just for text drawing" is seen 
disregarded. (Just my first reaction when I saw that gtk depended on 
another middle sized library "just to wrap the X text API")

And I definitely did not get the impression that it was this near to 
realization. Now with cairo and pango maintainers working together it 
can only go well.

Is it correct that pango will get another backend "cairo" (with no X11, 
ft2 or gdi dependancies). Which will make pango output to postscript/PNG 
possible? [I assume that fontconfig will be needed for PNG output though]

Looking forward and thanks for all your work on gtk+pango+...

PS: No I can not burden myself with volunteering for yet another project 
aka help here.

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