[cairo] Anti-Grain Geometry - Yet another 2D Rendering Library

Marc Van Olmen marc at sky4studios.be
Thu May 6 15:32:36 PDT 2004

Hi Maxim,

Thanks for posting this, I have lurking around your list  for many years and
I must say that AGG is the most impressive 2D engine I have ever seen. I
always loved reading your nicely written code and I really admire the OS
independence. It is something we all can learn from.

I'm OS X developer so I love always a project that is less depended on
exotic libraries I never heard from.

So again congratulations with your product and I hope indeed Cairo and AGG
Can benefit from each other one day.



on 5/6/04 4:53 PM, Maxim Shemanarev at mcseemagg at yahoo.com wrote:

> Hi,
> I have a similar project called Anti-Grain Geometry (AGG)
> that is an Open Source, free of charge graphic library, written
> in industrially standard C++.
> AGG doesn't depend on any graphic API or technology.
> Basically, you can think of AGG as of a rendering engine
> that produces pixel images in memory from some vectorial data.
> But of course, AGG can do much more than that.
> The ideas and the philosophy of AGG are:
>       -  Anti-Aliasing.
>       -  Subpixel Accuracy.
>       -  The highest possible quality.
>       -  High performance.
>       -  Platform independence and compatibility.
>       -  Flexibility and extensibility.
>       -  Lightweight design.
>       -  Reliability and stability (including numerical stability).
> Below there are some key features (but not all of them):
>       -  Rendering of arbitrary polygons with Anti-Aliasing and Subpixel
>          Accuracy.
>       -  Gradients and Gouraud Shading.
>       -  Fast filtered image affine transformations, including many
>          interpolation filters (bilinear, bicubic, spline16,
>          spline36, sinc, Blackman).
>       -  Strokes with different types of line joins and line caps.
>       -  Dashed line generator.
>       -  Markers, such as arrowheads/arrowtails.
>       -  Fast vectorial polygon clipping to a rectangle.
>       -  Low-level clipping to multiple rectangular regions.
>       -  Alpha-Masking.
>       -  A new, fast Anti-Alias line algorithm.
>       -  Using arbitrary images as line patterns.
>       -  Rendering in separate color channels.
>       -  Perspective and bilinear transformations of vector and image
>          data.
>       -  Boolean polygon operations (and, or, xor, sub) based on Alan
>          Murta's  General Polygon Clipper.
> AGG contains many interactive Demo examples that are platform independent
> too, and use a simple platform_support class that currently has two
> implementations, for Win32 API and X11 (no Motiff, no other dependencies,
> just basic X11). One of the examples is an SVG Viewer.
> For more information look at http://www.antigrain.com :
> News, Screenshots, Demo, Documentation, Download, etc.
> Currently I'm working on the documentation and new algorithms.
> I wouldn't like you to consider AGG as a potential competitor
> of Cairo Graphics, but there can be some possibilities of
> cooperation. AGG doesn't have a well developed infrastructure
> to support different back-ends, while Cairo Graphics does.
> On the other hand AGG design is much more flexible, it allows
> you to create custom pipelines, to work with different color
> spaces, to write faster in-memory renderers in addition to
> existing ones, etc.
> McSeem
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