[cairo] cairo_snippets

Øyvind Kolås oeyvindk at hig.no
Wed May 19 02:27:46 PDT 2004

A new framework for testing, and demonstrating cairo is checked into CVS
in the cairo-demo module. The basic idea is to test and demonstrate
various aspects of the cairo api in small code snippets, within a
defined enviroment.

All existing backends to cairo has means to be tested within the
framework, and it should be easier to check whether regressions occur.

http://cairographics.org/samples/  contains all the snippets currently
in CVS, renderered with the png (image) backend.

In cvs there also is an interactive snippet browsing program using
GtkCairo called cairo_snippets_gtk, using this program one can check
both the render acceleration and glitz acceleration. (To make GtkCairo
use the glitz backend, set the enviroment variable GTKCAIRO_GL to 1
before starting the app.)

Adding a new snippet to the enviroment is as simple as adding a new
.cairo snippet to the cairo_snippets directory and run make to generate
the new programs/output.

For future bug reports it will be easier for developers to check and
handle bugs if they are accompanied by a cairo_snippets compatible
test case.

/Øyvind K.

  /V\    Øyvind Kolås,  Gjøvik University College, Norway 
 /(_)\   <oeyvindk at hig.no>,<pippin at users.sourceforge.net>
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