[cairo] glitz-glx

Jon Smirl jonsmirl at yahoo.com
Fri May 21 20:55:08 PDT 2004

I'm trying to get glitz working on miniglx. Miniglx is a very primitive system,
it can only handle one X window. glitztest.c is creating two windows, a root one
and one for the surface. What is the root window used for? I'm trying to trace
around the code but I haven't it out yet. Can I eliminate the root window or
close it before the surface window is opened?

Miniglx is part of mesa-solo. Mesa-solo is the OpenGL version that runs
standalone without needing Xfree. Bringing glitz up on mesa-solo is a first step
to bring xserver up.

Would it be better if I started another backend for glitz - glx, agl, solo? The
solo environment does not eumulate the X event system very well. Instead you
need to read directly from the mouse/keyboard devices. It also doesn't have much
of a windowing system, instead you just run fullscreen.

Jon Smirl
jonsmirl at yahoo.com

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