[cairo] glitz internal and cairo rendering model

Stéphane Conversy conversy at cena.fr
Fri May 28 02:23:36 PDT 2004


I am really interested in your work and have a question about it, and 
especially about the internals:

AFAI understood it, cairo is kind of a direct-mode model of drawing. So 
it seems to me that you can't benefit from past calculations,
except if you save results in pixmaps, or in glitz case, textures.
imagine i want to draw a complex geometry figure : cairo first needs to 
tesselate it, then glitz adapt it to whatever format gl handles,
then it is displayed. Now, say that this figure must be rendered 
multiple times (for ex, it's an icon and I have to display it a hundred 
times, or
worst, it's part of a zooming interface and the user zooms in). Does 
the rendering model implies that the tesselation occurs for each 
drawing ?

best regards,


stéphane conversy

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