[cairo] Using svg-cairo-internal.h ..

Jay Vaughan jayv at synth.net
Mon Oct 11 04:59:14 PDT 2004

hi all,

i'm hacking around with cairo/svg-cairo right now and I'm trying to 
gain access to the "scr->svg" member that is declared as part of the 
svg_cairo struct ..

i would like to be able to directly reference the svg prior to a 
"svg_render()", and it appears that i would be able to do this, were 
it not for the fact that the implementation details of the svg_cairo 
struct are hidden in 'svg-cairo-internal.h', resulting in a message 

"error: dereferencing pointer to incomplete type"

whenever i try to access (svg_cairo_t)scr's member field, 'svg', 
defined through the 'public' "cairo-svg.h" header ...

does anyone know how to access the svg doc in a cairo_svg struct 
directly without having to resort to futzing my install to get 
svg-cairo-internal.h installed and usable in part of my project?  is 
there a reason for this being so tightly bound up through the use of 
unspecific typedef's?  should i write an accessor function to return 
the value of the svg field, instead?



Jay Vaughan

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