[cairo] compiler warnings in cairo_wideint.h/c

Leon Woestenberg leonw at mailcan.com
Wed Oct 20 10:48:36 PDT 2004

Hello all,

>But, according to C99, "const" is a "type qualifier" and as such
>specifies properties that are "meaningful only for expressions that are
>lvalues" §6.7.3 (3). Even more significant to the current code is:
>	"If the specification of a function type includes any type
>	 qualifiers, the behavior is undefined." §6.7.3 (8)
To bring in some results from another tool set:

I was test driving the Cairo code on a Analog Devices DSP Blackfin DSP 
the last week, and
the compiler warned me the const type qualifier made no sense on a 
return value.

I also wondered what the const was doing there, but Keith's explanation 
about pure functions
would make sense.

That reminds me of checking the two other warnings I got throughout the 

Regards, Leon.

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