[cairo] Re: cairo_ft_font_destroy missing in CVS?

graydon hoare graydon at redhat.com
Fri Oct 22 14:59:37 PDT 2004

Ned Konz wrote:

> Since cairo_ft_font_create() does a malloc, it seems like this would be a good 
> thing to have.
> Is someone working on it?

cairo_ft_font_create is a special way of acquiring one of the general 
cairo_font_t objects. the resource it returns is managed by refcount, 
like any other font; you decrement that refcount with 
cairo_font_destroy. when the refcount drops to zero, a backend function 
is called (_cairo_ft_font_destroy, note leading underscore) which 
subsequently drops a reference to an entry in a shared pool of freetype 
resources. when those references drop to zero _destroy_font_val finally 
disposes of the freetype resource.

many layers of caching, I know. but you shouldn't need to look beyond 
cairo_font_destroy as a user.


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