[cairo] Problems compiling cairo-ocaml

Olivier Andrieu oliv__a at users.sourceforge.net
Mon Oct 25 12:19:00 PDT 2004


 > <sgml at nym.hush.com> [Mon, 25 Oct 2004]:
 > Having problems compiling cairo-ocaml with OSX. I couldn't get the makefile
 > to work, so just 

why ? what's not working ?

 > compiled the c files and attempted to link them with the ml files using
 > ocamlmklib. However, 
 > cairo.ml keeps giving me an error...
 > File "cairo.ml", line 32, characters 15-30:
 > Unbound type constructor Cairo_channel.t
 > Any ideas from you ocaml experts?

you can't compile the files with ocamlmklib, you have to compile them
before with ocamlc (or ocamlopt), in the right order. And then you can
link them with ocamlmklib (in the right order too). 


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