[cairo] Stroke and Fill

Amaury Jacquot sxpert at esitcom.org
Wed Sep 1 07:27:06 PDT 2004

Jose O Gonzalez wrote:
> 	Perhaps someone on this list can help me with a question
> regarding Cairo's path stroke/fill semantics.
> 	For visual reasons, it's often desirable to stroke a path with
> some color and fill it with another.
> 	If one uses colors with some transparency, or some
> compositing operation such as "add" say, one may want to do this
> so that there's no overdrawing of the stroking and filling -- ie. one
> may want to do this without overlapping the stroke and fill regions.
> 	Does Cairo's path rendering semantics have support
> for this?  eg. if the context has stroke line-width set to a value > 0,
> will filling of the interior occur complementary to the corresponding
> stroke region?

solution is:

create path
hack settings
stroke once
hack settings some more
stroke a second time

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