[cairo] Stroke and Fill

Jost Boekemeier jost2345 at yahoo.de
Thu Sep 2 06:05:21 PDT 2004

 --- Jose O Gonzalez <jose_ogp at juno.com> schrieb: 
> for Cairo to restrict a fill operation to not
> overlap the stroke
> region that is implicitly defined [...by the]
> stroke-width value 

Difficult.  Such a cairo_fill_with_stroke() operation
would require a) that stroke does not discard the path
(which I think would be okay) and b) that cairo does
not tesselate until either cairo_new_path() or
cairo_show_surface() or cairo_destroy() or
cairo_fill_with_stroke() or [...?] is called.

The other possibility would be to use a second
intermediate surface where you fill and then stroke
with the erase operator.



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