[cairo] Cairo font size should be in units

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Wed Sep 29 12:38:07 PDT 2004

Around 14 o'clock on Sep 29, Carl Worth wrote:

> Actually, Owen argues quite convincingly that the layout layer will need
> two independent sets of metrics. So we may just need to provide both.

Layout systems need the raw metrics when they want to present text on the 
screen which will also be printed; using hinted metrics produces 
inconsistent line wrapping, and also subtle word alignment issues which 
affect the ability to visually identify typographical problems on the 

However, the layout system is already expected to be in communication with 
the underlying font system, which can provide these metrics.  So, to some 
extent, unhinted metrics are not cairo's problem.  The only question is 
how we ensure that applications can convert between the metrics provided 
by the font system and user and device units used within cairo.


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