[cairo] SVG Spacewar

Jay Vaughan jayv at synth.net
Fri Apr 1 08:10:32 PST 2005

>On Fri, 01 Apr 2005 22:14:07 +1200, Keith Bauer wrote:
>  > Is this not what SVG+CSS allows?
>Indeed it does.

not super-rapidly, however.

the thing is, i'm getting used to thinking of SVG as the graphics 
description language it is, describing specific dynamic objects for 
rendering.  programmatically, through a C interface, it makes little 
sense to be going through a whole 'stylesheet parse' when you want to 
update the coordinates/animated positions of various elements, 

i guess the thing is, it'd be nice to have the 
SVG::dynamic_functions() path mapped with a stage that allows:

	SVG -> describes -> graphics object [changed frequently by app use]

	as well as:

	graphics object -> saved -> XML format [SVG spec.] -> reproduced

.. however, in C, through something akin/friendly-to the cairo/svg API's.

i use SVG to describe, generally, objects which will frequently 
change as a result of my app being used.  i don't just use it to 
reproduce graphics with accuracy, but also 'flexibly describe things 
on the application side'.

in a manner very similar to spacewar, in fact.

>Sometime after I forked libsvg/libsvg-cairo off of librsvg, I believe
>librsvg picked up some CSS support (through libcroco if I'm not

this approach to the API's (CSS generalized processing) is fine, if 
you're not really dealing with performance use of SVG as a graphics 
description language, and are really oriented towards 'accuracy 
required after transmission'.

but then, perhaps i should be leaning on SMIL a little more, and 
throw away my 'hack the SVG DOM for animations' hacks ..



Jay Vaughan

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