[cairo] Re: drawlist type functionality?

Jost Boekemeier jost2345 at yahoo.de
Tue Apr 5 00:52:31 PDT 2005

>        # create a "bowtie" context
>        ctx = cairo.Context()
>        drawlist = cairo.Drawlist()
>        ctx.set_target_drawlist(drawlist)
>        ctx.move_to(0, 0)
>        ctx.line_to(1, 1)
>        ctx.line_to(1, 0)
>        ctx.line_to(0, 1)
>        ctx.close_path()

Why don't you simply use a surface and then compose it
onto the target drawable?

BTW: Comparing GL with Cairo is like comparing apples
with oranges ...  Except for point/path animations the
animations work pretty well on a level above cairo. 
But at some point in the future one probably has to
pass additional information to the backends. 



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