[cairo] Re: drawlist type functionality in Cairo

Pete Shinners pete at shinners.org
Tue Apr 5 07:58:39 PDT 2005

David Reveman <davidr <at> novell.com> writes:
> All we would need in the API is an opaque type for an unscaled path and
> possibly some usage hints which could be used for optionally telling the
> backends how to cache a path or a pattern.

Using the paths would attack my biggest concern, which is the number of calls
needed to draw repeated paths.

Making the paths opaque would be the simplest way to code them. Without much
thought I can think of a few methods that would be useful on paths. Making a
copy of a path with a new transform, and some sort of hit detection of paths.

Trying to think of how to create the paths. Best bet would probably be
extracting a copy of whatever path is in the context. I'll play with a possible
api and see if it doesn't feel unnatural. Hopefully I can have something online
tonight to look at (12hrs).

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