[cairo] First implementation of font Changes

Owen Taylor otaylor at redhat.com
Wed Apr 6 13:56:40 PDT 2005

On Wed, 2005-04-06 at 11:24 -0400, Carl Worth wrote:

> Owen and I have been talking about this in IRC a bit, and have been
> batting around suggestions such as changing cairo_font_t to
> cairo_scaled_font_t and/or changing cairo_font_name_t to
> cairo_font_face_t. I think Owen shot down my suggestion of changing
> cairo_font_name_t to cairo_font_t.
> So I don't have a solid proposal yet, but we'll need something here.

What did you think about:

 cairo_font_t      => cairo_scaled_font_t 
 cairo_font_name_t => cairo_font_face_t

 cairo_set_font_name => cairo_set_font_face()
 cairo_get_font_name => cairo_get_font_face()
 cairo_select_font   => cairo_select_font_face()

It's not the most compact naming, but it seems clear, and for an
API that is going to be used:

 - In tutorials
 - In some rare low-level code

clarity is important.

> Something else I just noticed in the font API, not directly related to
> the proposed changes, is that we currently have these three extents
> functions on the cairo context:
> 	cairo_get_font_extents
> 	cairo_text_extents
> 	cairo_glyph_extents
> and this extents function on cairo_font_t:
> 	cairo_font_extents
> The fact that one in four has a "get" in the name seems a misfeature,
> (though, obviously, removing it would introduce a name clash with the
> cairo_font_t function.
> If we had "cairo_font_t *cairo_get_font (cairo_t *cr)" we could drop
> cairo_get_font_extents in favor of:
> 	cairo_font_extents (cairo_get_font (cr));
> and avoid the problem. But that would re-introduce cairo_font_t into
> the cairo_t API and exacerbate the naming problems discussed above.

If we rename font => scaled_font, then we have:

Which doesn't strike me as bad. 


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