[cairo] Underflowing reference counts

Mike Emmel mike.emmel at gmail.com
Thu Apr 7 19:49:24 PDT 2005

Is there any way we could set up a CVS repository for new backends and
older unmaintained ones like the PS one. I'ld like to checkin my
directfb one
somewhere associated with cairo and am willing to do a SDL one also.
I think its problematic keeping more then a few backends in the core
cairo tree but it would be nice to encourage more to be written.

On Apr 7, 2005 3:13 PM, Owen Taylor <otaylor at redhat.com> wrote:
> On Fri, 2005-04-08 at 01:26 +0800, Steve Chaplin wrote:
> > I noticed a couple of problems with the PS backend
> >
> > 1) cairo_surface_destroy() calls
> >    ps_surface_finish() which calls
> >    cairo_surface_destroy()
> I think it should be assumed that the PS surface is unmaintained
> and untested. I'd suggest we remove it, since a proper PS backend
> would be written entirely differently.
> There might be some reusable header generation code, but that
> can be resurrected from CVS history if needed.
> Regards,
>                                         Owen
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