[cairo] Cairo license obligations

Evan K. Langlois Evan at CoolRunningConcepts.com
Sat Apr 9 13:56:58 PDT 2005

On Fri, 2005-04-08 at 22:58 -0700, Andreas Raab wrote:

> Since I am not familiar with the implication sof of LGPL or MPL (which 
> seem to be the two available options) I am wondering what exactly the 
> practical implications of choosing either license are.

I'm definitely no legal expert, and I'm not familiar with the MPL,
however, its my understanding that the GPL is more restrictive than the
LGPL as the GPL means anything created with GPL or linked to GPL code,
must be GPL.  The LGPL simply states that the LGPL code (usually a
library) must remain LGPL, but you can link to code with other licensing
rules, including commercial closed-source code.  I would definitely look
at the license of whatever other code you link with to be sure the
licenses don't conflict and consult legal advice when necessary.

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