[cairo] Another win32 build attempt

Jason Dorje Short jdorje at users.sf.net
Sun Apr 10 20:35:21 PDT 2005

Hans Breuer wrote:
> Being enough annoyed of auto*tools versus hand-written
> or hand-clicked makefiles I've succesfully tried a different 
> approach with cairo.

What's wrong with the auto*tools?

BTW, have you tried scons?  I've heard it recommended as an alternative.

> And the patch (again including some minor build fixes
> for win32) is here:
> http://hans.breuer.org/gtk/cairo-2005-04-10-hb.diff

I tried running this but I couldn't.

First the patch is a bit broken.  -p3 is a very odd patchlevel to use. 
Then I got problems because some files were include twice (or so patch 

After applying the patch and installing cmake, I ran "cmake".  No go. 
Then I tried "cmake .".  This also didn't work.  Then "cmake 
packaging/cmake" also didn't work.


Side note: I notice the src/ part of the patch touched some code that 
uses AlphaBlend.  But AFAIK AlphaBlend isn't available on Win95 and has 
a tendancy to not work on Win98 and WinME.  Does Cairo deal with these 
cases?  It doesn't look like it does.


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