[cairo] problems building cairo; advise request

Jacob =JoukJansen joukj at hrem.stm.tudelft.nl
Mon Apr 11 00:13:55 PDT 2005

Hi All,

I'm trying to port libpixman & cairo to OpenVMS. When running the tests I
get a lot of problems, which I did not expect.

  Is there a possibility to get DEBUG-info from the routines? In that case
  I can easily compare with a working version on one of my linux-systems.

I did not expect any problems since the code seems to me very standard C and
is not useing the known problems when porting top OpenVMS (i.e. fork ,
select(on non-sockets) and pipe). 

The problem :
  Most tests give strange results. The goodies are : line-width
                                                     linear-gradient (almost
	      fill-rule gives wrong shapes. I changed in this test the stars
	      to triangles to have a much simpler shape. Sometimes this works,
	      but for other coordinates I seed a too large 4-edged shape. It
              seems that when the vector in rel_line_to is horzizontal or 
	      makes an angle of 45 degrees everything is OK. For other slopes
	      wrong results are obtained in the majority of the cases I tried.
	      I could not determine any systematic in when it was OK and when
  Can anyone give me some hints were to look to solve the problem?
  If you need more info, please feel free to ask. I can also make some
web-page with some examples plus resulting images to make my problem more

                   Jouk Jansen

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